A Preview of Chris de Burgh’s New Album and What’s Coming .​.​.

As for the Chris de Burgh …. he’s just doing his best …




Chris de Burgh has certainly been around. From relative obscurity in the 1970’s globally to a global superstar in the 80’s, back to relative obscurity commercially in the new millennium.

de Burgh’s latest album is a masterpiece – musically.

In this a day and age of so many smoke and mirrors in the music industry, de Burgh’s latest body of work, sure to be lost in the iPod shuffle. A shame …

Starting with the title track, Hands of Man is part throwback with the sounds of Patricia the Stripper and part commercial with the sounds of Lady in Red. In between, it is just a very good record. Crisp production work brings de Burgh’s vocals and keyboards to the forefront.

Please listen to a preview of the album below. Please listen to some masterful tracks from the album Hands of Man, due out March 3rd, 2015.

Thanks for Listening!


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