Dwane Dixon – for a long time, was a closet Blues player.

Working Man Blues CD Cover

Dixon hit some fame with a Heavy Rock outfit named ‘Top Johnny’. An in-your-face group filled with the over the top antics and glam normally associated with that type of act.

Lately, starting with his album ‘ Black Satin Blues’ under the band Texarillo, Dwane’s love of his first love in music has taken over. Two nominations for Lys Blues Awards and an appearance at The Montreal International Festival later, Dixon has evolved into a more complete Blues player.

Dwane Dixon Portrait.

Working Man Blues is the new album. It contains every type of Blues imaginable from one guitar player. Blues from another Mother. A growing process for the hardest working man in the Montreal Music Scene. 

Please listen below to my chat with Dwane  and hear some samples of the songs on Working Man Blues. The best Blues album out of Quebec so far in 2016.

Dwane? What’s up?

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