Rick Keene Music Scene – Who Are Marshall Potts and Justin Saladino?

Explore and you will DISCOVER TREASURES.

Marshall Potts hails from British Columbia. As a younger man – he had success as a SONGWRITER and PERFORMER. two of his songs were featured in a Molly Ringwald film. Then, kids came along and he decided that life on the road was not worth the pain of missing them. Fast forward to 2022 and Marshall is back!

‘Heaven or Home’, ‘The Rope’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Free and Easy’ are just a few of THE tracks from the album ‘The Storm’ climbing charts on both radio and the internet. ‘Heaven or Home’ was the number one downloaded song on Canadian radio for two weeks straight.

Please listen below to my chat with Marshall and hear some great tunes from the album ‘The Storm.’

Justin Saladino went from student to teacher to performer faster than most.

Marshall Potts and Justin Saladino

In just six short years, Justin has gone from playing ‘anywhere’ he could to appearances at The Montreal International Jazz Festival and playing alongside the likes of Joe Bonamassa. Justin is poised to launch his new record ‘Honest lies’ on SEPTEMBER 22nd.

An album which should solidify The Justin Saladino Band in levels reserved for few. ‘Honest Lies‘ takes his Blues roots as a solid foundation and from there, Saladino builds a tower of DIVERSITY. Only the greats realize that a one dimensional band is limited. The Justin Saladino Band won’t be caged.

Please listen below to my chat with Justin and hear tunes from the album Honest lies.

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