Advertise Here and Support the Arts !

Would you like to advertise to music lovers, musicians and artists of all types? At the same time, help promote the talent waiting in the wings? You have come to the right place. This could be your organization’s page. A portal into what you provide.

Maybe you are an establishment that provides live entertainment. Are you an artist or a band looking for exposure on a daily basis? Sell your album with a link to your site? Perhaps you are a record company looking for a place to promote your artists?

Artist Example

I provide copy writing , design or insert whatever you want right here. It is one simple price to have your link on the site. A daily link to potential profits. A bargain in the advertising world.

The price includes set up and design, copy writing and maintenance.

Need a fifteen second video promo? Thirty seconds?

Please contact me through email;

438 820 6936

Thank you – talk soon!

You can donate whatever amount you want or pay for any service by clicking the donate button on the right hand side of the site. It is a safe and secure way to enable me to help promote musicians.


Rick Keene

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