Rick Keene‘s Music Scene is unique. A forum for music fans of all ages, all genres and all tastes. A great opportunity for young artists to promote and older artists to reminisce. Hats off to you Rick! Keep it up!” Ronny Mack – CHOM FM

“Rick is a student of music , not just a listener “. Jerry Mercer – April Wine

” Being interviewed by Rick – I thought he was a musician ! He is one of us. ” Steve Hackett – Genesis

” Every musician Rick has interviewed for me is impressed by his research and passion “.

Simon Fauteux – Six Media Marketing

“Rick Keene’s Music Scene is an amazing place. His interviews provide new and unique insights into the lives and careers of many Canadian musicians. And he’s a friend of Smoked Meat Pete!” – David Henman, founding member of April Wine.


“Rick Keene is not crazy – he’s definitely a breath of fresh air on a radio world that is far too corporate today.” – Ted Silver Program Director @ The Jewel 985 Ottawa