Rick Keene‘s Music Scene is unique. A forum for music fans of all ages, all genres and all tastes. A great opportunity for young artists to promote and older artists to reminisce. Hats off to you Rick! Keep it up!” Ronny Mack – CHOM FM

“Rick Keene’s Music Scene is an amazing place. His interviews provide new and unique insights into the lives and careers of many Canadian musicians. And he’s a friend of Smoked Meat Pete!” – David Henman, founding member of April Wine.


“Rick Keene is not crazy – he’s definitely a breath of fresh air on a radio world that is far too corporate today.” – Ted Silver Program Director @ The Jewel 985 Ottawa


3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi! First time reader! Noticed you were listening to Gospel……..and what kind??? My testimony is truly unique, as i am a novice writer, singer, keyboard, and sound performer of Gospel music at almost 60 years old. True Holy songs touch the heart and soul of every human being. I truly believe there’s not enough, or much at all, Gospel music played today. Since you are open minded, are you openhearted to an interview with a man who clinically died for 12 minutes, and had to be revived then woken four and a half days later. Since awakening I have been blessed with the discerning gifts of music and sound.
    Yes, this is my personal testimony that I am sharing with you in the hopes that it will bring to your attention the importance of the messages this music has and can impart.
    Please forgive my directness!
    Hope to hear from you,
    Rick Parent

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