Rick Keene Music Scene – Angel Forrest Delivers Her Finest Album Yet

Remembering why you loved music in the first place.

The key to success in all walks of life is to maintain your passion. Along with that energy comes realness. A genuine ability to convey your heart to anyone who cares to listen. Or listens to care.

Angel Forrest and her cast of characters are in the perfect place. A location where the universe picks up their vibe and is primed to spread it. One with oneself means one with nature.

Please listen below to my chat with Angel and hear songs from her new album Hell Bent with Grace

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Rick Keene Music Scene – What’s Coming in Montreal


As usual … a lot coming in and around Montreal.

Matt Anderson March 25th - L'Astral
Matt Anderson March 25th – L’Astral

Please listen below, hear some tunes and discover the amazing shows happening in the coming weeks.


Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …


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The Record Breakers; The Kids are Allright !

Some may call them a novelty act. Others may dismiss these teenagers as ‘cute.’


If The Record Breakers’ first EP is any indication, the band will be around a long time~

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Please listen below as Hayden, Bella, Devan and Julian talk about their album and look for their keyboard player Michael.

Guys? What’s up?


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Angel Forrest’s Eleven Angels !

Angel has recruited some angels for her new album. Guitar-playing heavenly bodies. ‘All of them have wings – some of them, don’t know why…’


Please listen below as Angel speaks of her ‘ angels’ and what went down at The Corona Theater on her Birthday !

Angel? What’s up?



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New Angel Forrest feat. Steve Hill, The Record Breakers, Cat Empire, Stone Doctors Benefit and George ..

Interviews and tunes – a whole lot of both coming up on

Rick Keene Music Scene …


Please listen below to a preview of next week and hear some old and new tunes from old and young alike.


Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …







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Blues Bourbon and BBQ – Quebec Blues Artists on Fire!

There is nothing better than adding sizzling Blues to sizzling BBQ ribs.

Bob Walsh - Interview Here
Bob Walsh 

That is exactly what will happen on the weekend of Aug. 22nd and 23rd at the Cosmodome in Laval.

A parade of Quebec Blues’ artists will hit the stage while the sweet sounds of food being sizzled on a BBQ add the background.

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Please listen below to what is happening, a few words from some of the artists and … great tunes!

Thanks for listening!



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Dundees Upcoming Schedule

Aug 20th  Becky Fiset Cote

Sept 4th – Rick Keene 50th Birthday Bash feat. Nasty Habits  (Rolling Stones Tribute Band)




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Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
Click Here !

Angel Forrest; Female Vocalist of the Year … !

It’s been a long journey from Bishop Street in downtown Montreal during the 80’s to the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto in 2015 ..


Angel Forrest, originally from Dorval, Qc – has earned every accolade thrown her way.  The ‘once-upon-a-time’ Janis Joplin clone, is without a doubt – Montreal’s ( and now Canada’s ) premiere female vocalist.

Please listen as Angel dicusses her voice, her life, the future and – a couple of awards she won on Monday, January 19th in Toronto.



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‘Angel’ in our Hearts …

Angel has come a long way. Literally and figuratively.

This Dorval, Qc.  lady – born with the voice of a non-angel, has learned many things in her life. Finally – she gets it. The accolades do as well.

Female artist of the year in 2014 at The Maple Blues Awards may not be a Grammy yet for Angel; it may as well be. A Blues-bred upbringing was pushed to the side for too many years. In 2013 -14, the Blues resurfaced to give Angel success and peace.

A little ‘peace’ of her heart maybe …?


Please visit Angel Right Here!

Next Week on Rick Keene Music Scene

Looking for stuff to do ….?

Angel Forrest has a CD launch at Bistro a Jo Jo tonight. Monkey Junk are playing at L’Astral. John Beaudine is at The House of Jazz tomorrow night and Monday. Just a couple of things to hear in the next couple of days.

Please listen to a couple of tracks from some of these people as well as a few others I will be interviewing next week. Should be cool.

Thanks for stopping by …talk soon!

Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett
Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett


Angel Forrest; Reborn and Lovin’ It!

Angel Forrest has been singing around Montreal and abroad for many years. Days and nights spent on the road – honing a voice which balances between Jazz, Blues and almost anything else …

She has just recently released an album which, surprisingly – is her first Blues one with all original material in English.  It has been a long time coming and for once – Angel is being appreciated  outside the Province of Quebec and across Canada.


Listen to a pair of Angel’s songs and hear the good news! Just like her singing – Angel’s reason for smiling will knock your socks off …

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