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Believe it or not – Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are not the only people who release new tunes.

Millions of songs are released daily yet unfortunately, the masses will never know. It is the world we live in where substance is overshadowed by advertising dollars.

Please listen below to some new releases by real musicians. Support new music by purchasing the artists’ concert tickets and most importantly – buy their CDs.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Favorite Interviews 2017

For those who follow my escapades (both online and in attempting to promote local music), five words may come to mind;

It ain’t easy being green.

Competing against the corporate machine is not something that comes easy. Ringo Starr was dead on.

For six years, I’ve accomplished more than I thought possible as one guy. Bringing record reviews , concert reviews and interviews to homes. Stuff that corporate may cover but on Rick Keene Music Scene – more extensive and personal. More attune to the man on the musical street.

Sass Jordan

Sifting through the 2017 interviews I undertook, it is not fair to narrow down to the top ten. It’s not fair to remove ten from all the hard working musicians attempting to make the world a better place.

Let’s call it my Top Ten Favorite Interviews. For whatever reason , the ten below stand out in my mind.

Thanks for listening. Talk soon !

2017 Top Ten Favorite Interviews

10. Chris White – The Zombies

The original bass player in The Zombies, one of the iconic British Invasion bands of the sixties , both educational and pleasant. Chris very fortright in his opinions of putting the Zombies and their tales into perspective.

9. Darryl James – The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas are possibly the biggest Canadian band at the moment. Check that , Canada’s youngest biggest band right now. In the middle of a tour , Darryl took time to provide an insight into the day-to-day goings on in a band on the verge of global success.

8. Anthony Gomes

Anthony is originally Canadian but currently resides in St. Louis. Not only is Anthony one of the best Blues guitarists on the circuit , he is also one of the purest songwriters. He combines all the ingredients that make up music into his tunes. Gospel, Country , Blues , Soul and Folk. Aside from all that , Anthony constantly raises money for mental health facilities.

7. Sass Jordan

Canada’s sweetheart and foremost carrier of the Rockin torch is always a pleasure. No holds barred , no bs with Sass. The truth about herself and anything else that comes up – Sass is an interviewer’s dream.

6. Sheldon Kagan

One of Montreal’s original concert promoters retired and is writing a book about his experiences. Hearing how a young man left home ( against the advice of his parents ) to become a DJ and parlay that into a hugely successful commodity, a learning curve more acute than most. Lots of tales.

5. Lawrence Gowan

The front man for Styx since 1999 is always Canadian. Honest , funny,  polite and extremely intelligent. Providing insightful musical antedotes and life lessons – Lawrence is a walking encyclopedia about Canadian music.

4. Dr. Jarrett Lobley

The Jarret Lobley Project is a band ripe with inspiring lyrics. Lobley, a physician full time, instilling hope to the listener. He does house calls on his motorcycle and treats aboriginal addicts on his own time as he flies his plane to the north. Compelling.

3. Dr. Trevor Payne

The doctor was head of and founder of The Montreal Jubilation Choir for thirty five years. He decided to step aside and I was the first media guy to help him get the message out. Dr. Trevor Payne ‘s thoughts and experiences – second to none. Working with Stevie Wonder and Dr. Oliver Jones. Tales come from wide and far.

2. Garland Jeffries

One of music’s unsung heroes. One of the first African American musicians to address the racial strife South of the Border. From hanging out with Lou Reed to Bruce Springsteen , Garland remains an every man. True , down to earth and one of the most entertaining singers live in the past fifty years.

1. Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge was the voice of Rock n Roll for women. Arriving at the perfect time (videos taking over ), Melissa not only shot to the top with songwriting and performance , she gave attention to the many females who came before. A cancer survivor, a Rock n Roll survivor and a spokesperson for the LGBT community and any cause that benefits the underprivileged

Stay tuned for

          The Top Ten Concerts of 2017 !

Garland Jeffries


Jean-Luc Ponty; Coltrane to Zappa to Jon Anderson.


Jean-Luc Ponty and Jon Anderson

Thursday, May 26th
8 pm @ Theatre St.-Denis

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Jean – Luc Ponty is an innovator …

Jean-Luc Ponty Cathy Miller Approved photo 1

Credited as one of the first musicians to implement the violin within Jazz music, Ponty has not stopped there. A musical thirst has carried the seventy-one year old native of France through a long, creative and prosperous learning career.

Jon Anderson Cathy Miller approved photo 1

Beginning with his first record deal which saw Jean-Luc entering the world of Rock n’ Roll via Frank Zappa’s sensibilities, Ponty’s journey has seen him collaborate with the ‘who’s who’ of the music industry.

The most recent being a long overdue project with Jon Anderson of the famed prog-Rock group Yes.

APB Live photo by Cathy Miller 2 hi res

 The 2015 Anderson-Ponty Band album; ‘ Better Late Than Never’, is a form of cohabitation. Combining Ponty’s and Anderson’s music in perfect harmony. Working with Anderson is the first time Ponty has worked with a vocalist so in effect – the disc is a duet of sorts. A marriage of violin and the human voice.

APB Live photo by Cathy Miller 1 hi res[1]

Please listen below to my chat with Jean-Luc Ponty. A legendary figure on stage and off.




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