Sylvain Sylvain – A Romp Through The Past

Sylvain Sylvain is coming to Montreal on the 11th of March to Ile Motore. He is part of a double bill which sees him opening up for former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock.

The pair’s bands, arguably, two of the biggest ingredients of Punk Rock history. The New York Dolls preceding the Sex Pistols in on and offstage behavior. You think the Stones were bad boys …?

Please listen ( and excuse the audio quality ) to Sylvain Sylvain explain a lot. Face it – he does have some explaining to do …

Sylvain …?

Watch and Listen to Sylvain Here!

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Devin Cuddy – His Own man …

Devin Cuddy is the son of Jim Cuddy. Same last name, same love of music. That is where the connection stops. Sorta …

Devin Cuddy is on his own. Being the elder son in the Cuddy family, his independence is not new in the family scheme of things.

“All older sons are fiercely independent …” Says Jim Cuddy; father of both Devin and Blue Rodeo. “Anyone with an older son gets that …”

The Devin Cuddy Band is opening up for Blue Rodeo at Place des Arts on March 2nd. Please listen as Devin explains everything.

Devin …?

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Bet. E and Stef; Back and Lovin’ It!

Platinum selling Bossa Nova greats – Bet. E and Stef are back! Good for the listener, better for them …

Listen as Bet. E and Stef explain their absence and what it has done for them as people and artists. A win – win situation combined with re-issues on a new album. A record which should introduce them to an entire audience.

Outside of Canada.

Bet. E and Stef …?

Please visit Bet. E and Stef Here!

Great Canadian Rock Show Part Three


Lennex, Santers, Mainline, Bravebelt, Klaatu …

Heard of these guys? Probably. You just do not know it.

Five Canadian bands who paved the way for guys like Bryan Adams and (sigh) Justin Bieber. Commercially – anyways. Bands who did not get their fair due airplay -wise and monetarily. Some did – most had a cup of coffee in the show but in those days, record companies led the corrupt way for most.

In part three, Ritchie Henman ( co-founder of April Wine), speaks about The Wackers from a front ( back?) seat view and Mitchell Field talks about Hellfield. A band who opened for The Cars at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Ready Ritchie? Mitchell? Alright fellas …let’s go ….!


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