Rick Keene Music Scene Presents – Ask Dave the Bartender

Dave the Bartender is never asleep on the job …

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That’s because he is never there!

Nevertheless – when he is slinging drinks, he gathers information faster than a janitor at a Bordello collects condom wrappers.

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers questions sent in by the listeners of

Rick Keene Music Scene.

Dave? The Bartender?


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Jazz Festival Review – Mike Love

Mike Love

The Beach Boys have nothing to do with it …

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Mike Love is his own entity. Figuratively and literally. Not only that – how many musicians visit Montreal from their native Hawaii?

Mike Love  did last night at Metropolis as the opening act for Britain’s Joss Stone.

According to Mike ( and there is no reason to doubt him), his performance last evening –  his 20th straight day singing on this current tour which ended in Montreal. Twenty days. That’s a lot of travelling for a musician and (again, according to Love) it caught up with him last night.


His voice was shot ( although he sounded fine) and he was very tired and fighting a cold. His almost hour long set displayed no weakness for the uninhibited.Perhaps real fans and his Mom may notice the difference yet for the normal folk checking Love out for the very first time – a show filled with reggae beats, creativity and natural melodies.

Mike has released one full album and another one is on the way on the first of September. At Metropolis, Love portrayed a caricature of a seasoned veteran. Love acted a caricature of himself.

Raised on Reggae among many diverse genres, last evening’s set was predominantly filled with his roots. A Hawaiian in Montreal conjures images contrasted in weather. Mike Love in Montreal in January would evoke memories of the Jamaican Bobsled team from the film ‘Cool Runnings.’ In Love’s song  – ‘I Love You’, slight indications of the Bunny Wailer song ‘Cool Runnings’ floated in the air – figuratively and literally.


Layering acoustic and electric guitars over prerecorded vocals and instruments, enables Love uniqueness. It allows  a full sound to be absorbed by an audience. His opening song ‘Leaders’ led the charge minus the overdubs as Love introduced  himself to the ‘home’ crowd.

Mike ‘ gave’ and the audience ‘received’ in the night’s second track ‘Give n Receive. Suddenly, the punters took notice and realized that within Love’s ‘wall of Reggae’ – this was not a opening act to ignore.


Reggae is Reggae yet Love’s songs are much more than that. Part folk and part poetry, Mike scribes messages of hope fresh with words of the human condition.

‘Jah Will Never’, ‘Human Race’, ‘Permanent Holiday’ and ‘Dark Days, a set-list complete with searing vocals and some old fashioned scat tossed into the mix. Love, the type of performer willing to take risks and utilize his God given ability in many ways. Shamelessly he conducts his very own orchestra. Catchy choruses combined with global caring. |Important stuff from a soon-to-be-important fixture in the music world.

The Beach Boys had nothing to do with it (except for maybe the melodies), we will give them that much …

Listen to some of Mike’s songs below from his album ‘The Change I’m Seeking’.



Stay tuned for my Joss Stone Review and a re-cap of the 2015 Montreal International Jazz Festival.



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Joss Stone – Anything But A Rock As She Heads to Montreal …

Joss Stone is not your stay-at-home-type …

JossStone_WFYS_2015 (Album Cover)

The England – born singer continues to strut her ‘free spirit’ mentality with a tour and subsequent album. Determined to sing ‘in every Country in the world’ – Joss is on a musical voyage.

Several factors are responsible for her upcoming release aptly titled ‘Water for Your Soul’. Bob Marley’s son had something do with it as well as her globetrotting ways.

Joss Stone Photo (colourful) (May 2)

Please listen below as Joss talks about the album, her tour and her upcoming show as part of

The Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 5th at Metropolis.

Hear two new tracks from her upcoming album 




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Rocky Dawuni – Reggae for Mankind …

Rocky Dawuni has rubbed shoulders with a few ‘ stars’


Bono, Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder. 

A trio of musicians who apply their popularity for the good of humankind.

Now – Ghana native Rocky Dawuni can be added to that select group.

Please listen below and discover why …?


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Nine Women Singing the Blues …

How often can one witness nine talented women playing and singing the Blues?

Hopefully – this is the start of something great … and more often!

Please listen as Josee Brault explains what is happening on Saturday night at Smoke Meat Petes.



* One Love is from Ranee Lee’s new album.













Ranee Lee


Ranee … ‘What’s Going On’? Part Two

In part two of my interview with the great Ranee Lee – the singer, songwriter, actress, producer and teacher talks about her latest album; ‘What’s Going On’.

It is the first time she has worked with strings on an album. She has been changed by this experience. Changed for the better.

Please listen to Ranee. Her students do. Her husband does. Her kids do. Her Grandchildren do.

All music fans do ….



Visit Ranee Here Please!





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Ranee … ‘What’s Going on?’

Brooklyn- born Ranee Lee is a student. What makes her unique, is she teaches what she learns. Then – she sings about it. 

Full circle for a lady who was inspired by Dinah Washington.

Please listen as this actor, producer, writer, songwriter and singer ( not to mention a wife, Mother and Grandmother), speaks about life, music, her new album and an upcoming show at the Montreal international Jazz Festival.


Some wisdom please …


Please visit Ranee Here!

Stay tuned for Part Two


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Stay tuned for Part Two



Reggae in December – Auresia Style

Auresia believes that anyone who comes to her show tonightwill be dancing away the winter blues …


The beautiful singer of Ukrainian origin has just released her first ep So In Love With You and she plans on introducing it tonight at  Bobards – 4328 Saint Laurent Boulevard. Doors open at 9pm.

“I will be on stage with a seven piece band. There will be a horn section, keyboards, bass, drums – it is a group of musicians who are very good at what they do. They posess a lot of rythym. I am looking forward to a great show!”

This may be the Montrealer’s first ep yet she is a seasoned performer. Auresia has traveled all over and a reggae festival in California was the turning point in her career.  The (then) young lady, traveled to the Golden State and literally danced all day long.


“I arrived with brand new shoes which I had just purchased.” Laughs Auresia. “By the end of the day, I had holes in them from dancing so much. I had so much fun and realized this is what I want to do …”

Auresia grew up in a musical environment. Her Father played accordion and her Mom played piano. There was always music in the house and those rhythms stayed with the beauty enough to compose two strong singles from her new album. With musical roots as diverse as the world’s music lovers,  Auresia has been nominated for Favorite World Artist at the 2010 Independent Music Awards and for four awards at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards for her self-titled debut album

“I really am proud of ‘So In Love With You’ and ‘Rising’. Says Auresia. “It was composed with four other people and we all put a lot of time and effort into it. I believe whoever comes to the show tonight, will have a great time and hopefully be dancing the night away.”

A few surprise guests will also be on hand tonight. The bar will be set higher than usual as a menu of songs consisting mostly of  originals will be the main course. A few choice covers tossed into the mix to display Auresia’s musical roots and influences.  What will the covers be …?

Auresia says it is a surprise although two of her favorite artists growing up were  Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.

One thing is certain, anyone attending will have to purchase a new pair of shoes tomorrow. It will be that much fun …

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