Blues Bourbon and BBQ – Quebec Blues Artists on Fire!

There is nothing better than adding sizzling Blues to sizzling BBQ ribs.

Bob Walsh - Interview Here
Bob Walsh 

That is exactly what will happen on the weekend of Aug. 22nd and 23rd at the Cosmodome in Laval.

A parade of Quebec Blues’ artists will hit the stage while the sweet sounds of food being sizzled on a BBQ add the background.

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Please listen below to what is happening, a few words from some of the artists and … great tunes!

Thanks for listening!



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Dundees Upcoming Schedule

Aug 20th  Becky Fiset Cote

Sept 4th – Rick Keene 50th Birthday Bash feat. Nasty Habits  (Rolling Stones Tribute Band)




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Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Bob Walsh – ‘After the Storm’ ; First Album Following Triple Bypass Surgery

Bob Walsh has been around.

The Bluesman has played with everyone in the Quebec Blues scene at one point in time.

Nanette Workman, Guy Belanger … the list goes on.

Please listen below as Bob talks abut the new disc, his recent health issues (including the replacement of his aorta) and his love of music.




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Guy Belanger; His ‘Turn’ at The Blues …

Quebec city born Guy Belanger knows a little something about The Blues.

Now – he knows a little bit more.

From his humble beginnings with guys like Bob Walsh up until a recent brush with greatness in Chicago, Guy has been schooled.

Now – it’s his turn to teach …



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