Sheldon Kagan; Memories of a Concert Promoter

Sheldon Kagan has been around … From his humble beginnings in a bachelor apartment at the age of fifteen to introducing Jazz legend Miles Davis on stage – Mr. Kagan has a few stories to tell. Please listen to his tales of playing cards at his home with Artie Shaw and how he feels about […]

Texarillo; The Blues Come Full Circle

A funny thing happened on the way to success for Montreal born Dwane Rechil. He hit the blues … again! “It’s funny …” Says the forty – seven-year old singer, songwriter and guitar master. ” For years playing in my heavy rock band Top Johnny, I was always waiting for success to come. I was […]

Top Ten Drummers

The men behind the scenes. The backbone of most bands. The guys whose mistakes can nullify anything in a heartbeat … To narrow down a list of the best drummers is next to impossible – here is a (rim) shot at just that … Ginger Baker Stewart Copeland Jimmy Chamberlain Terry Bozzio Keith Moon Mike […]

Just Between Jerry Mercer and Me

It may have been a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Do the days of the week matter when the phone rings and a Canadian rock legend is waiting on the other end of the call? The bruises linger from the self – inflicted pinching that took place on my right arm as I took the receiver from my ex and spoke to […]