Rick Keene Music Scene – Reggae Does Rock n Roll

Eric Clapton may have shot the sheriff but he certainly did not shoot the Rastafarian deputy.

If Clapton had shot the deputy, the world would be void of rhythms and soul. Reggae is a genre but it is also the source of many a Rock song’s inspiration. Like The Blues, Jazz and Country – Reggae is one of the cornerstones of modern day Rock and Pop music.

Have a listen below to some very popular Rock songs done Reggae – style !

Smoke Meat Pete Live Music Here

Rick Keene Music Scene – StringKatz; Putting The ‘Classic’ Back In Classic Rock

Many Rock n Roll musicians are classically trained …

Lawrence Gowan of Styx immediately comes to mind which is ironic since StringKatz, a quartet of stringed instruments, just recorded Gowan’s A Criminal Mind on their new CD.

Music imitating music or music imitating music?

StringKatz are on to something. Rock music is historically ripe in beautiful harmonies and chords. Even Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones’ first manager stated famously the Stones’ music can easily be put to orchestral arrangements. How many times have you heard The Beatles’ tunes in elevator music mode?

Please listen below to my chat with Helga Dathe and Marie – Claude Martel. They are the two violinists in StringKatz. Hear some great tunes as well !

Helga? Marie – Claude? What’s up?

Visit StringKatz here !

Exclusive! New Single and Video by One Road! Song to Hit Record Stores Next Week!

Tracy and Mike from One Road hit the road to record their latest album; All In.  An album which shall be released at the end of June – beginning of July.

Judging by the first single ( one of six that shall be released), it appears the learning curve is over for the duo from Montreal, Qc.



Their first album; Ride On – was very competent. The title track alone; still prime material for the soundtrack of a movie void of soul. That disc was the perfect blend of Country, Rock and Blues. Not a problem for a pure music fan. A problem however within the music business.

Their sound was a conundrum. 

Classic Rock stations – caught in the corporate reality of 2014. Lacking the control (or desire) to play Country-Rock. Well – new Country-Rock anyways.

Songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clearance Clearwater Revival and even the relatively new Springsteen catalog counts. Unknowns do not unless they are represented by big bucks.

Judging by One Road’s new single; ‘As Good As It Gets’ – the band (admittedly) heads off on a new direction in order to gain the attention they so richly deserve. A more Country flavor with a ‘new – Country’ Pop sound.

If their first single is any indication, Tracy and Mike have hit the summer jackpot. The tune breathes a fresh summer scent. Catchy, unassuming – the type of song heard through the voice of a radio on an oaken porch circa 1945. A song heard before innings of a National Pastime faded with time.

Mike’s guitars, as piercing as the moon on heaven’s door. The vocal power of Tracy; the wolf – baying to the riffs while the smokiness does nothing to betray the view or sound of One Road.


Clearly the pair of songwriters have honed their craft. Openly – their souls steer a path into the future of music. A lethal combination of Blues, Country and yes – Rock n Roll. ‘As Good As It Gets’ will clearly re – invent the wagon wheel as the music business travels the dusty ( dirty?) path of the ever-changing future.

Classic Rock is getting old. Country Music has lost it’s soul. Blues is in the midst of riding a resurgent wave. One Road with their injection of a trio of genres done right – are within a guitar pick of their Holy Grail.

No – ‘they don’t already got one …’

Tracy …?



Visit One Road Here!


Strangers in the Night 10








caleb copy
Performing at Annies! June 6th 5pm!


Caleb Taylor Performing at Annies on June 6th 5pm!




Rick Keene’s ‘Classic Rock’

Everyday we are bombarded by ‘Classic Rock’ …

A good thing, a bad thing …?

Depends on your point of view and whether or not your favorite radio station mis-uses the privilege. Please listen as I give a take on some of your favorite tunes.

May the good Lord shine a light on you …




Lee Rocker

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