In celebration of Father’s Day and what would have been the final date of The Legendary Downchild Blues Band’s 50th Anniversary Tour, the band are streaming their “Live At Massey Hall” concert in its entirety as a FREE SHOW for fans on Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 7:00 Pm (EST), all in support of a very important cause, the Unison Benevolent Fund.

Downchild were joined on stage by some very special guests for their historic “Live At Massey Hall” performance, including Hollywood Star Dan Aykroyd, blues/rock icon Colin James, American blues legend, James Cotton, Grammy Award winner Colin Linden, Montreal chart topping rocker Jonas and the one and only Wayne Jackson of The Memphis Horns.

Downchild will premier their “Live At Massey Hall” concert for an exclusive one-night-only viewing on their official Youtube Channel on June 21st at 7:00 PM (EST)

Youtube Channel Here

Donations to Unison in conjunction with the Downchild concert can be made by texting UNISON to 45678 or visiting UnisonFund.ca/Donations/Spotify

All donations made to Unison will be matched by Spotify as part of the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project that has been created to amplify the efforts of organizations that focus on helping those most in need, like the Unison Benevolent Fund. Spotify will match donations made to Unison dollar for dollar up to a collective total of $10 million USD.

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World Health Organization Solidarity Response Fund Here

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Smoke Meat Pete Weekend Playlist

You can’t beat Pete’s Blues !

The Blues are the cornerstone of all popular music and none know it better than Smoke Meat Pete. Whether live in Ile Perrot or over the listening device of choice – Smoke Meat Pete keeps the tradition of The Blues alive and well !

Have a listen below to some great tunes and remember – You Can’t Beat Pete’s Meat !

Check out Smoke Meat Pete Live Music Schedule Here !

Rick Keene Music Scene – Colin James Talks Blues and A Juno Nomination

In 1989, Colin James had ‘Miles to Go’ in his career.

Kieth Richards and Colin James – 1994

Colin was given the Juno Award for Most Promising Male Artist. It was the same year that Back to the Future Two was released and Game Boy was one of the most popular toys on the market. Colin, the film and the (then) technologically advanced toy were all signs that life was changing.

Colin and B.B. King

The beginning of the 90’s saw more and more money going into the pockets of the businessmen. Artists, filmmakers and inventors had their souls sucked into commercial abysses. Blues artists – men like Buddy Guy and B.B. King (the forefathers of the music that laid the frame for all popular music) were pushed aside.

Thankfully – Canada came to the rescue with two guys who kept the Blues alive on a commercially successful stage. Jeff Healey and Colin James.

Since Jeff left for that grand stage in the sky, Colin remains as one of the last Canadian Blues men. A man who has seen the best and the worst of a music world within a long and storied career. Colin James knows The Blues and with his 2019 Juno nominated album Miles To Go – he has come full circle. Finally gaining the recognition he deserves as a profound Blues artist.

Please listen below to my chat with Colin about the upcoming Junos, his thoughts on The Blues and hear some tracks from his Juno nominated album Miles To Go.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Lindsay Beaver; The Real Deal !

Lindsay Beaver is the real thing …

Thus far , it has been a lifetime of discoveries for the native of Nova Scotia. Singing, drumming and a love of all genres of music starting with Jazz.

Yet it was Billie Holiday that sealed the deal and inspired Lindsay to pack up and head to Texas and make music her full time ‘job’.

Please listen below to my chat with Lindsay – a musician who has been referred to as a cross between Amy Winehouse and Little Richard.

Lindsay? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Jack DeKeyzer; Remaining True to Himself on The Album Checkmate

It’s been a while since Jack DeKeyzer first heard the Blues …

The Stones and Led Zeppelin – just two of the bands who parlayed American Blues into the heart and then hands of Jack.

Spanning a career that has seen Jack open up for the likes of B.B. King, Jack pays homage to the men who inspired him. Otis Rush, Elmore James and Muddy Waters to name a few.

Please listen below to my chat with Jack about the new album Checkmate. Hear some of the tunes as well !

Jack? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Senri Oe Makes the Successful Transition from Pop to Jazz

Jazz is everywhere – even in J-Pop music …


Senri Oe was one of the biggest Pop stars in Japan. When one of his band mates died unexpected, Senri decided life was short.

He turned his attention to Jazz and moved to New York to become a student. A move that was not as simple as he thought it would be.

Please listen below as Senri explains it all and hear some great tunes from his new album.

Senri? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Colin James Has ‘Miles to Go’ In His Music Career

It ain’t easy being grey …

Colin James has a new album due out on September 21st. No more hair dye as the fifty-three year old Canadian music legend embraces the present, the future and the past.

On the new record – Colin pays homage to the men ( and women) who inspired him and  helped him to hone his skills as a young guitar player busking on the streets of Montreal and Toronto.

Two new songs on the disc also allow James the opportunity to gently give a nod to the licks of B.B. King.

Please listen below to my chat with Colin about the new disc and hear Colin’s thoughts about the late great Jeff Healey.

Colin? What’s up?



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Trois Rivieres En Blues – From Local Star Justin Saladino to Colin James and Steppenwolf, This Festival is a Must Hear !






The Blues are a community …


Following a brief hiatus – Trois Rivieres en Blues is back once more for it’s eight session in it’s current format.

Justin Saladino

Local Montreal stars such as Angel Forrest, Pat Loiselle and Justin Saladino will grace the stages along with Trois Rivieres-boy-done-good; Mr. Steve Hill.

Please listen below as the artistic director for the Festival Brian Slack speaks of all things Blues and discloses this year’s headliner.

Victor Wainright
Victor Wainright

Thanks for Listening ! Talk soon !




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Biking Across Canada for David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Message

Derek Olive likes to ride his bicycle.


 Derek also enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs.


Olive combines the two loves of his life and ( if that weren’t enough) , is also raising awareness and money for Canada’s environmental future.

Please listen below as Derek explains everything.


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Visit Blue Dot Here!


Aug 22nd – Trois Rivieres Blues Festival


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Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Roomful of Blues – From B​.​B. King to Colin James; The Little Big Band That Could .​.​.

Chris Vachon plays guitar for Roomful of Blues …

download (4)

For forty – five years, the band plays in a roomful of Blues fans. Opening up for or backing guys like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton. 

In a Canadian connection, the band is most known as being Colin James’ ‘Little Big Band’. A pretty good resume for a band that does not need to be part of anything. On their own – one of the best Blues and Swing Bands in the music market.

download (3)

Please listen below as Chris talks about all the above and his own experience and thoughts as a guitar player.


Visit Roomful of Blues Here

Aug 22nd at Trois Rivieres Blues Festival


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Jarrett Lobley Project Click Here !
Jarrett Lobley Project
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Jazz Festival Reviews – Colin James June 25th Theatre du Nouveau Monde

June 25th – Theatre du Nouveau Monde

Colin James – Acoustic Sessions


Colin James seems like a kid …

Following a quarter century ( yes – a quarter century) as a professional musician, James is no longer a kid. He is on his way to becoming a seasoned Blues-man.

Friday night, James and his touring band proved it. Aside from a couple of reminders ( Why’d You Lie, Freedom ) of why Colin made it as a songwriter and guitarist in the first place – James showcased a more mature stripped – down version of his continuing Blues education.

Canada’s Michael J Fox of music – has indeed traveled ‘Back to the Future’.


‘ Just A Little Love’,Heart’s On Fire’ , ‘Heartbreak Road’ ( Bill Withers’ cover) all from James’ latest album Hearts on Fire proved James’ is on a musical adventure.

Displaying the new ( old ) songs live is not an easy task for any artist yet with James’ seemingly easy transitions from crisp acoustic to  turned -up electric, the new and old blended as simple as a chameleon in a tree. As simple and as complex as the Blues. As simple and as complex as Colin James.

James’ banter between songs, short – sweet and minimal. 

Aside from tales of  busking in the Metro and winning fifty dollars (twice) for playing music at Concordia while living in Montreal, insights into James’ psyche non existent. A great musical tale was told of a young James being offered some tracks as a young man and in being ‘full of Vinegar’ – he passed them on. ‘Clapton did them … ‘ Was Colin’s funny take on it …


Maturity appears to be leaking  into James’ boat although only within the music as the waves of  James’ enthusiasm for playing music remain like a giddy teenager about to lose his / her virginity. When Colin speaks about music, his age ( fifty) arrives at the forefront and that is not a bad thing.

A melancholy theme stays with his latest songs on ‘Hearts on Fire’, a wistful looking back amid tales of loneliness and heartache. These tales remain throughout the evening in a Colin James show. Along with the proper injection of upbeat rhythms every now and then – Acoustic Sessions becomes a treat. Sadness  in life is good occasionally and James’ set-list is not only good – it borders on great with effects of excellence riding the crash like a drummer’s blissful groove.



 Two Guitars and vocals. The Hammond keys. A Bass and Drums.

Just A Little Love‘, ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me Baby’ were the highlights in a show that contained no low-lights. A cover of Dylan’s ‘Watching the River Flow’ was a beacon for that colossal ‘cover’ ship that loomed in the distance. A vessel with U.S.S Van Morrison scrolled on the side. With drums placed back and every member on  stage in the right moment – Colin James brought Le Theatre du Nouveau Monde …

Into the Mystic

Colin James plays his last show on the 27th of June 

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What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene and in Montreal

A lot coming …


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July 7th – 19th Click Here!


Colin James – June 25th, 26th 27th


James Cotton June 27th




Click Here for Jazz Festival Schedule


Please listen below to what’s coming in Montreal and on Rick Keene Music Scene



Stay tuned for my Strangers in the Night 11 Review with awesome photos!

Jesse Jack
Jesse Jack

Jim Cuddy - Blue Rodeo
Jim Cuddy – Blue Rodeo







What’s Happening and What’s New …?

A lot of musical stuff  is always happening in Montreal …

Click on the logos for the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Evenko – get an up – to – date list of all their shows. Buy tickets to your favorite one also !



Please listen below as I play a few new tracks from artists who I will be interviewing as well as the dates of their upcoming shows.



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Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …


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Adam Karch; Designing ‘Blueprints’

Following a tutelage under the watchful ears of people such as Jeff Healey and Colin James – Blues-man Adam Karch is right at home with his new album – Blueprints.

Ironic because within the album are covers originally penned by the men whose blueprints set the stage for what Adam and many others have done since the early sixties. Carry on the tradition of the Blues.

Please listen as Adam explains his roots, his history, his struggles and satisfaction …



Visit Adam Right here!




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