Rick Keene Music Scene – Ask Dave The Bartender; Isolation Special

Sometimes questions come to you.

Dave the Bartender is a lonely man behind the bar in London, Ontario. A walk to Dave’s famous bar was needed to lift the spirits.

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers questions sent by you the lsitener.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Ask Dave The Bartender Christmas Special

Sometimes questions come to you.

Dave the Bartender left his perch behind the bar in Toronto and landed in Montreal. A surprise visit but nothing Dave the Bartender does is less than shocking.

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender asks Rick Keene Christmas music questions. The stocking is on the other foot.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Ask Dave the Bartender

Where do you go to get answers?

A bartender is like a psychiatrist. Solving everyone’s troubles except his / her own. They are experts at Math, Science, History – every subject possible.

Perhaps a bartender’s greatest knowledge is in music. They are surrounded with it all day and all night. They are privy to music conversations from the patrons all day and all night.

Please listen below to my much anticipated chat with

Dave the Bartender

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Ask Dave the Bartender; Valentine Special Love Song Edition

Everyone loves Dave the Bartender…

download (2)

Except for maybe his Mother … aside from her … how can Dave the Bartender not be adored?

He listens to problems, he talks about problems and more often than not – deals with problems every shift.

For the above reasons, Dave the Bartender enjoys Sunday evenings as he can relax and answer your musical questions …

Dave? The Bartender?

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Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Seven

Dave the Bartender deals with all sorts of characters, then, he goes to work.

He toils in the one occupation which is everything rolled into one. Doctor, lawyer, psychologist, nurse … there is not a piece of advice which Dave the Bartender has not relayed to the average working Joe … or, average radio interviewer for the CBC by the name of Gomeshi.




Please listen as Dave the Bartender answers your musical questions …

Dave the Bartender ?






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Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Five

He’s the guy who drowns your sorrows …



The man who can answer almost any genre of question related to music.

Can you stump Dave the  Bartender? 

Send your questions to rickkeene2@gmail.com and find out if you can!





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Ask Dave the Bartender …

Sometimes music knowledge escapes even the most ardent fan …

Unless of course – drinking and not driving are involved. Then, answers are downed quicker than a shot of Whiskey at closing time.



Please listen as Dave the Bartender attempts to answer unsolved musical riddles. He’s funny, he’s smart … he’s …

Dave the Bartender?



Tune in at 6:15pm Thursday on k103.7fm to win tickets for Judas Priest

Oct. 6th at The Bell Center!


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Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind iTunes cover copy



Brazil, Alex Lifeson, Jann Arden, Ask Dave the Bartender, Jim Cuddy and The Mandevilles .​.​.

Things are picking up …

Following a lull in the new release category – a flock of CDs have arrived at my doorstep. Good news for the listener and better news for the artists if the CDs are purchased …

newcds copy

 Have a listen to what is coming up this week on Rick Keene Music Scene – including a song with Rush’s Alex Lifeson !


Don’t Forget ! Have a musical question for Dave the Bartender?

Send it to rickkeene2@gmail.com




jann copy


Rick Keene Music Scene Presents; Ask Dave the Bartender

We have all been there …

thSitting at a bar, spilling our troubles or asking advice from the guy who pours our poison. It’s an age old ritual.

Sometimes – people ask questions and I do not have the answer. What better person to demand help than – Dave the Bartender.

Please listen as this former Montreal-er (exiled to Toronto), delivers the answers to questions which need to be answered.

Ladies and Gentlemen … this is a Dave I know …











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