Rick Keene Music Scene – Tetrix; ‘Hank Williams on Acid’

Mixed marriages are sometimes frowned upon.

If the saying ‘ put two things together that have never been together before and you can sell them’ is true, then Tetrix will soon become very wealthy.

Tetrix contains two fellas who have been very busy musically. Every House Has a Light On is Connor Gottfried and Neil Pockett’s 17th release. Considering the duo have been making music since 2000 – that is a substantial amount of creativity for two Western Boys.

Growing up in Western Canada, like most people from there, Country music was and continues to be – part of the landscape. Given the fact the two components of Tetrix grew up in the Grunge era, something magical was only a matter of time.

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Please listen below to my chat with Connor about an interesting concept which may start a new trend?

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