Rick Keene Music Scene – Arcaydium; A Breath of Fresh Musical Montreal Air

To make it in this business – bands must have that ‘thing’. 

Any experienced DJ will tell you, all it takes is a three minute listen to separate the ‘men’ from ‘the boys’.

The ‘it’ in question is many times not explainable. A unique sound, voice or chemistry. It is basically magic. A wondrous thing found at Hogwarts.

Please listen below to my chat with Chris Petterson about his band Arcaydium.

Listen to Montreal’s new magic act! 

Chris? What’s up?


Visit Arcaydium Here !


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Elizabeth Shepherd Loves Montreal on Her New Record

Once a Montrealer – always a Montrealer …

Elizabeth Shepherd is a traveler. Physically and spiritually. Searching for new within herself and within the world of music.

Her latest release brings her back to Montreal to discover things that were always under her nose. In the album Montreal – Shepherd brings the listener on a trip through her hometown.

Please listen below to my chat with Elizabeth.


Visit Elizabeth Right Here !



Visit Smoke Meat Pete Here!


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Rick Keene Music Scene; What’s Going On?

Music never sleeps …



Aside from the big name events taking place such as Osheaga, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Tremblant Blues Festival – there are concerts, cd launches and Festivals taking place everywhere …

Such as …


 CD Launches


August 25 – Willows (By Geneviève Toupin) – release date (Roads)
August 26 – Willows – Launch Glass Bottle
September 9 – Megan Bonnell – Out album (Hunt and Chase)
September 12 – The Block Party MRCY
September 30 – Elizabeth Shepherd – album release (The Signal)
September 30 – MO Kenney – release date (In My Dreams)

Merrickville Jazz Festival

Oct. 17th – 20th


Some new tracks and more info on what is happening on Rick Keene Music Scene this week …





Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind press pic HQ








Later this week …
My interview with Don Felder of The Eagles. Co -writer of Hotel California

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