Rick Keene Music Scene Presents A Musical Salute to The Flintstones!

The Flintstones changed lives …

Everyone around the world who had access to television (and in recent years – a DVD player) was affected by The Flintstones.

Lessons were learned, morality was taught as the men, women, kids and dinosaurs in Bedrock toiled through their daily lives. The Flintstones babysat millions of people around the world. 


A big part of the Flintstones’ phenomena was the opening theme song. As catchy a tune ever penned in the history of music.


Please listen below to some tunes inspired and / or written for

The Flintstones !


Please listen below to my chat with the legendary Garland Jeffreys!

Garland will be here May 5th

Club Soda !

Part One

Part Two

Visit Garland Here !


Visit Club Soda Here !


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