Play 4 Keeps; Playing for Keeps – Funk Wise!

Play 4 Keeps are a Montreal-based band who are deep in a funk. That is a good thing …

Much has been said (too much), of the music from past generations being better than today.  Now – with a band such as Play 4 Keeps, it is nice to see a new (er) generation being influenced by  a new (er) generation.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a huge influence on bassist Dimitri Lappos, guitarist Phil Boucher and drummer Chris Butz. The young teaching the young.

Please listen as Chris and Dimitri talk about their influences, the albums and ‘monkies in their bedsheets’ …

Say what?


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Aug. 22nd at Annies! 5pm

Come and Have a blast!


This week - my interview with Don Felder
This week – my interview with Don Felder