Caleb Taylor; Not Your Father’s Rugby Player …

Caleb Taylor is very much like Johnny Cash

Does he play Country music? Not really. Is he addicted to drugs? Nope. Not unless an addiction to his wife and baby boy counts.

Caleb is like Johnny Cash because the pair share an experience. They both visited and played music for prisoners. A spiritual revelation which enabled both men to beat their demons and spread their wisdom through music.

Caleb? What’s up …?


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Rick Keene

Top Ten Christmas Songs

There are a lot of great Christmas songs. Whatever floats your boat …

Here are mine! Merry Christmas !

Father Christmas   The Kinks

Run Rudolph Run   Chuck Berry

Merry Xmas Baby   Bruce Springsteen

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree   Brenda Lee

Happy Christmas (War is Over)     John Lennon

The Christmas Blues  Bob Dylan

Merry Christmas ( I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)  The Ramones

All I Want Styx

Please Come Home for Christmas   The Eagles

Christmas Blues   Canned Heat


Top Ten Interviews of 2012

Next up on my list – two people who helped enormously in putting Canada on the map musically …

4. Sass Jordan

I spoke with Sass, not once – twice for a couple of hours each time. She is warm, sweet, funny and tough. A trooper who helped pave the wave for Canadian rockers in the States …


3. Frank Marino

Frank Marino was a guitar God before the phrase became fashionable. He spoke to me generously and from the hip. No b.s from Frank – not now, not ever! A great teller of the truth within the music business …