Top Ten Thanksgiving Songs ( or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bird!)


A day to be thankful …51515_funny_turkey

A twenty-four hour period in which we rejoice for all that we have.

Family, love and friends.

Three primary reasons aside from good health which enable us to smile as we plunge through the many injustices called life.

Sadly – there is one creature whose fate is not as fortunate. A feathery-friend caught rightly or wrongly on the bad side of things.

The Turkey. That strange looking reptilian with a lump in it’s throat. A lump brought on by the scent of fear. A nervousness acquired following too many deaths of his ‘closest’ friends over the years.

Funny Bird
The turkey is a funny bird
Its head goes bobble-bobble;
And all he knows is just one word…
And that is
(Author Unknown)

For many Turkeys – sadly, Thanksgiving means the end. No more classrooms, no more books and certainly no more Rooster looks

In ode to these fine-feathered fowls, here flies a list of The Top Ten Songs about birds / flying or anything related to birds. A compilation filled with beats,lyrics and rhythms catered toward our longtime ( and in certain cases – long-suffering ) friends.

10. Night Bird Flying – Jimi Hendrix

9. Rockin’ Robin‘ – Bobby Day

8. Blackbird – The Beatles

7. Three Little BirdsBob Marley

6. Bird on a WireLeonard Cohen

5. Surfin’ BirdThe Trashmen

4. FreeBird – Lynyrd Skynrd

3.  Disco Duck – Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots – 

2. Snowbird – Anne Murray

1.. Little Eva – Turkey Trot

CharlieBrown_Thanksgiving copy

Top Ten Christmas Songs

There are a lot of great Christmas songs. Whatever floats your boat …

Here are mine! Merry Christmas !

Father Christmas   The Kinks

Run Rudolph Run   Chuck Berry

Merry Xmas Baby   Bruce Springsteen

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree   Brenda Lee

Happy Christmas (War is Over)     John Lennon

The Christmas Blues  Bob Dylan

Merry Christmas ( I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)  The Ramones

All I Want Styx

Please Come Home for Christmas   The Eagles

Christmas Blues   Canned Heat


Bands for Baskets – Friends in Need!

Peter Angrove knew a lot of people in the music community.

The year was 2005 and given all the advances in technology – people were still starving. What shocked Angrove the most was how many families were struggling in the West Island.

Peter Angrove of Pincourt – decided to do something about it.

He gathered a few of his musical friends and placed them together in the form of a concert. The funds raised through tickets, raffles and merchandising- is all going to the underprivileged for food baskets during the Holiday season.

The first year, $2500.00 was raised and has leveled off around the $5000.00 mark in the subsequent years. Not bad for a fundraising effort just before the holidays.

Bands for Baskets is aided by the volunteers from the Lakeshore Kiwanis Foundation. This means that all of the people involved are strictly volunteers and not one cent of the money raised goes to anything except the needy. Something which makes Peter’s heart proud.

This year, a ticket cost $10.00 and a raffle ticket is $5.00 that gives you, a chance to win half of the money raised in a raffle held during the show. This way, according to Peter, more tickets are sold and more money is raised even after giving the prize away to the lucky donor.

win – win situation for all involved.

This year,  the annual calendar which will be available for sale at the show, has special meaning to Angrove and his family. For the second unfortunate year in a row, the Angove’s have lost a family member through death. Two seasons and two of Peter’s brothers gone. Last year, John was featured in the calendar dressed as Santa – this year it is Michael’s turn.

Please help out the needy in the West Island. After all they could be your neighbor.

December 2 @ Calistoga Grill in Pointe Claire

Show starts at 4pm

100% of the money raised goes to the Lakeshore Kiwanis Foundation who – in turn, distribute Christmas Baskets to the needy.

Please help everyone have a Merry Christmas!

Scheduled Performers

Big Fun

This is True


Jam Avenue

Roxfield Pointe

For the seventh year in a row – Special guest … Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire

Steve Rowe

The show starts at 4pm with opening act …

Angel Forrest and Denis Coulombe

Don’t be a Grinch! Help the Whos from Whoville !

See you then !

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