Jason Campbell – Missing His ‘ Signals ‘ ?

Jason Campbell is from Newfoundland


Campbell chooses Nova Scotia for a second home.

That province holds the key to the success of his actual band;  Signal Hill. Campbell’s group  take up residency every Sunday evening at one of Nova Scotia’s premiere clubs; the Lower Deck. That gig  has kept  Signal Hill firmly planted in Halifax for many years and has garnered a huge following. Seldom is the place not filled to capacity.


Campbell stays true to his roots however and it shows in the making of his first solo album; ‘Missing Signals’. This CD was recorded by a Newfoundlander and was made with mostly Newfoundland musicians.

Once a Newfoundlanderalways a prince …

‘Missing Signals’ ( a collection of songs and a play on words ) was mostly written within the frame of ‘downtime’ from Signal Hill. In other words – Jason’s day job.

Please listen below as Jason discusses all the above as well as some interesting ‘friends’ who appear on the album.




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