Philip Sayce – This is Your Father’s Rock n Roll!


Philip Sayce did not just get off the Rock n Roll truck …

A Mini-Van perhaps – but not a truck!

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Fresh off a triumphant eight city tour of Canada that left fans and critics spellbound, rock guitar sensation Philip Sayce makes his major label debut on Tuesday, April 7 with the release of his album Influence.

Originally released in Europe in late August 2014 to critical acclaim, the Canadian version of Influence will include two new songs led by the first single, Philip’s incendiary version of the Ten Years After classic “I’d Love To Change The World.”

The video for “I’d Love To Change The World” is now live on Philip’s YouTube channel.

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Born in Wales and raised in Toronto, Canada, Philip Sayce’s love of the guitar started at an early age when his parents introduced him to all of the classics, notably, Clapton, Hendrix, and Beck. He started playing guitar as a teen and before long was winning admirers at blues jam nights at Grossman’s Tavern in downtown Toronto.

One such admirer was legendary guitarist Jeff Healey who invited Philip to join his band with whom he toured the world for the next couple of years. After a move to Los Angeles, producer John Shanks introduced Philip to Melissa Etheridge who recruited him for her band. Over the next several years Philip performed on Melissa Etheridge’s albums and was featured during her live sets on world tours.

Please listen below  to my conversation with Philip.


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Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Five

He’s the guy who drowns your sorrows …



The man who can answer almost any genre of question related to music.

Can you stump Dave the  Bartender? 

Send your questions to and find out if you can!





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Top Ten Signs The Beach Boys Are Coming!

Yes boys and girls – brace yourselves …

On Aug.10th at Maddie’ Place, on the South Shore of Montreal and almost in the heart of Kanawake, the boys of summer will be arriving!

What’s that you say? Baseball is coming back to our fair city? Isn’t Tim Raines a little overweight for that type of thing?

No – silly rabbits … Tricks are for hookers! The boys of summer is in reference to the musical team known as The Beach Boys. Or – as we say in Quebec; ‘ Les Gens Qui Port Les Speedos! Yes sir – the men ( or some of them) who brought sweet sounds to the ears of pets everywhere will be harmonizing half-hazardly half way to Hull …

How do we know these facts are true?

Here are the Top Ten Signs The Beach Boys are Coming!

10. The Barenaked Ladies will be the opening act thanks to Brian Wilson’s request.

9. . The local sex shops are completely sold out of the vibrators known as ‘Good Vibrations” …

8. Staff at all local area Old Folks’ homes reporting a surge in BeachBall requests and (much to the dismay of men of all ages ) skimpy red bikinis …

7. Lawyers! Everwhere …

6. Mike Love has been at L’Ofice de la Langue Fancais since last Friday trying desperately to convince the officials that ‘Les Garcons de la Plage’ would not be condusive to good ticket sales!

5. It’s all ‘Fun! Fun! Fun!‘ until three people lose eyes …

4. ‘In my Room’ currently number one for the many Quebecers suffering from Agoraphobia!

3. Kids everywhere asking their Fathers ‘just what is a ‘little Deuce Coop’ and do you have to be over eighteen to see it?

2. Suddenly – Rhondas everywhere are extremely busy!!

and the Number One Sign The Beach Boys are Coming?

1. Brian Wilson is outta bed!!!!!


The Stones – Back with a Vengeance!

London 25th November 2012, O2 Arena

Tonight’s set list:

I Wanna Be Your Man
Get Off Of My Cloud
It’s All Over Now
Paint It Black
Gimme Shelter (with Mary J. Blige)
Wild Horses
All Down The Line
Going Down (with Jeff Beck)
Out Of Control
One More Shot
Doom And Gloom
It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (with Bill Wyman)
Honky Tonk Women (with Bill Wyman)

Band Intros

Before They Make Me Run
Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
Miss You
Start Me Up
Tumbling Dice
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with choir)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live – A Review

After all these years – Mick Jagger hosted Saturday Night Live.

Was it good? Was it bad? Any glimpses of grey in the Rolling Stones frontman’s hair? Pressing questions for a rock fan …

Keith Richards was once asked;” What’s Mick Jagger really like?”

The Stones’ guitarist and decadently wasted human being responded …

” He’s a wonderful bunch of guys …!”

Last night – Mr.Jagger proved it. Again.

It has always been said that the Stones’ frontman wasted his acting talent. From his first appearance in the lead role as Australia’s version of Robin Hood; Ned Kelly, to his most recent role as a male prostitute in The Man from Elysian Fields – Jagger has teased the world with his acting chops. Heck, he even has his own film production company; Jagged Films …

Think about it. A rock n roll frontman is a type of character is he / she not?

Jagger’s stint on the season finale of SNL displayed the former London School of Economic student’s poise and experience. Most singers or non – actors will fumble at least one line on a vaudevillian stage. They will drop the ‘scripted ball’ due to the sheer uncomfortable nature of the situation.

Not Mick Jagger.

The opening monologue demonstrated his ease. Partly due to his ego and partly due to his charm. An ability the sixty – nine year old has possessed from the age of eight when he met his guitarist Richards. The funniest line of the opening segment was Sir Mick Jagger responding to the most frequently asked questions.

Ned Kelly

‘Mick …?’ An invisible reporter asks Jagger through Jagger himself. ‘Have you got satisfaction?’

As Jagger responds …” If I say yes, I can’t sing the song anymore!”

Satisfaction, the 1965 song that propelled the Stones on par with the Beatles, is something the anti- Aerosmith fans watching obtained. In a skit entitled ‘ So you think you can dance at an outdoor festival’ – Jagger portrays Stephen Tyler, a man who has been referred to as the American Mick.

Jagger, as ‘judge’ Tyler – does a Burger King promo, an obvious referral to the real life Tyler ads for the food chain. A shot at the Aerosmith singer? Unless something happened between the pair of rockers ‘off the record’ – the gest was in jest for Tyler has always praised the aged Stone for giving him inspiration.

The on- going praise continues for Jagger and the Rolling Stones in recent years. The youth of today’s rock – jumping at every occasion to play along with the original bad boys of rock n’ roll. Last night, it was Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters turn.

Mick Jagger has always seemed silly performing without the Rolling Stones. The exception? When he is singng the blues. Last evening – it was no different.

Montreal’s own Arcade Fire ‘backed up’ Jagger for a Stones’ classic;The Last Time.

Sir Mick coming across as a caricature of himself as he normally does without Charlie Watts and the boys behind him. Last Year’s album of the year winners at the Grammy’s would fit nicely with Jagger’s antics. Their stage show is normally as manic as Mick. Too bad they were not themselves – they could be the one backing band that makes Mick appear normal.

The Foo Fighters provided the musical background to a pair of Stones songs. A split segment that included 19th Nervous Breakdown and It’s Only Rock n Roll …

The Rolling Stones do not do the former song well live – how could David Grohl and his fighters? The guitars too powerful for the song and Mick’s voice. Thankfully, the song switched to the latter. A more in synch version of the 1975 song from the album of the same name. A more comfortable tune to listen to.

Jagger finally hit his element with fellow countryman and blues legend; Jeff Beck. The pair powered off a song which Jagger wrote about the upcoming presidential race in the U.S. A tongue-in-cheek view of Mitt Romney and why not? Starting with Street Fighting Man in the sixties though Undercover of the Night in the eighties and most recently – Sweet Neo Con from 2006’s A Bigger Bang album – Jagger has never been shy to voice his political views.

The skits which Jagger appeared in hit and missed. One – in which he played an insurance agent at a karaoke bar, Jagger’s character sat through two of his new found ‘friend’s’ versions of Mick Jagger impersonations. The final one falling asleep; leaning on the microphone on stage.

A girl at Jagger’s table exclaims; ‘Look – he’s acting just like the real Mick!”

Sorry Miss …

The real Jagger has never slept on stage and has never put anyone to sleep. Not even at 12 am on a Sunday morning.

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