Rick Keene Music Scene – Lindsay Beaver; The Real Deal !

Lindsay Beaver is the real thing …

Thus far , it has been a lifetime of discoveries for the native of Nova Scotia. Singing, drumming and a love of all genres of music starting with Jazz.

Yet it was Billie Holiday that sealed the deal and inspired Lindsay to pack up and head to Texas and make music her full time ‘job’.

Please listen below to my chat with Lindsay – a musician who has been referred to as a cross between Amy Winehouse and Little Richard.

Lindsay? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Jack DeKeyzer; Remaining True to Himself on The Album Checkmate

It’s been a while since Jack DeKeyzer first heard the Blues …

The Stones and Led Zeppelin – just two of the bands who parlayed American Blues into the heart and then hands of Jack.

Spanning a career that has seen Jack open up for the likes of B.B. King, Jack pays homage to the men who inspired him. Otis Rush, Elmore James and Muddy Waters to name a few.

Please listen below to my chat with Jack about the new album Checkmate. Hear some of the tunes as well !

Jack? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Senri Oe Makes the Successful Transition from Pop to Jazz

Jazz is everywhere – even in J-Pop music …


Senri Oe was one of the biggest Pop stars in Japan. When one of his band mates died unexpected, Senri decided life was short.

He turned his attention to Jazz and moved to New York to become a student. A move that was not as simple as he thought it would be.

Please listen below as Senri explains it all and hear some great tunes from his new album.

Senri? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Colin James Has ‘Miles to Go’ In His Music Career

It ain’t easy being grey …

Colin James has a new album due out on September 21st. No more hair dye as the fifty-three year old Canadian music legend embraces the present, the future and the past.

On the new record – Colin pays homage to the men ( and women) who inspired him and  helped him to hone his skills as a young guitar player busking on the streets of Montreal and Toronto.

Two new songs on the disc also allow James the opportunity to gently give a nod to the licks of B.B. King.

Please listen below to my chat with Colin about the new disc and hear Colin’s thoughts about the late great Jeff Healey.

Colin? What’s up?



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Randy Bachman – Taking Care of Business … Again!

At one point in time – Randy Bachman was one half of a songwriting tandem which outsold The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Not bad for a boy / man from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The Guess Who – Randy’s former ‘super – group’; responsible for many musical memories which are etched firmly into the subconscious of the 1960’s and early 70’s music lover.




Randy Bachman has a new album.

Heavy Blues is the name of the disc and  it includes several well known special guests. Some of whom – more than familiar to Canadian music fans.




Please listen as Randy speaks of the new album and how some of the guest spots were filled and why.






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What’s Happening in Montreal and The Greatest Half Hour of Music!

Lots going on in the city.

Lots of tunes, fun times and finally … warmth !


Please listen below to several upcoming concert announcements, what’s coming on Rick Keene Music Scene and several great songs – new and old.

What better way to start off your weekend?

Click on The Montreal International Jazz Festival logo as well as Evenko to discover and buy tickets to a whole bunch of great shows in and around Montréal.

Talk soon …




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Cristie Healey; Remembering Jeff …

Jeff Healey was one of a kind …


There were many guitarists better than him. He was better than many guitarists. The one thing that set Jeff apart was something many do not have.




Courage to obtain goals. One thing which made Jeff  the man whose legacy will remain forever. Because of courage.

Please listen below as Cristie Healey – Jeff’s widow, talks about her husband in a way only a best friend could.




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Celebrate Jeff Healey’s Birthday; Buy a Limited Edition Print and Give to Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund – Part One

Photographer James St Laurent is doing his part.


On March 2nd 2008, Canada and the world lost a great human being. Jeff Healey passed away on that date and the universe lost a piece of it’s orchestra.

Jeff’s legacy lives on. 

His music, his family and now a couple of prints taken by James St Laurent – providing the tools necessary to ensure a better quality of life is guaranteed for everyone.

Please listen below. In part one – James St Laurent talks about his meetings with Jeff and what will happen if you buy a print of Jeff in a familiar concert setting. In Part two – Cristie Healey, Jeff’s widow, speaks of her husbands’ legacy and some memories and thoughts shared to her by Jeff.

Thanks for listening! Talk soon …


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Juno Award Winner Steve Strongman ‘Proves it To Us’ ….

It is a ‘Natural Fact’. Steve Strongman’s 2013 was a tremendous success!

One Juno and three Maple Blues Awards later; Strongman passed ‘hump-day in his musical career . Natural Fact was Steve’s fourth album and an acoustic goldmine of Blues’ tunes.

Fast forward to May 13th 2014. ‘Let Me Prove It To You’ now becomes his latest album and not the follow up most of his fans urged him to do.

Please listen as  Steve explains everything! And more …





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May 28th CD Launch at Bistro a Jo Jo

May 31st L’Astral Concert






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Adam Karch; Designing ‘Blueprints’

Following a tutelage under the watchful ears of people such as Jeff Healey and Colin James – Blues-man Adam Karch is right at home with his new album – Blueprints.

Ironic because within the album are covers originally penned by the men whose blueprints set the stage for what Adam and many others have done since the early sixties. Carry on the tradition of the Blues.

Please listen as Adam explains his roots, his history, his struggles and satisfaction …



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John Shahar
Shahar and Tripano
Me and Pete Marier – The Beat
Me and Pat Kerton – Part owner;Cunninghams Pub







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