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Dave the Bartender is a busy guy …

Then – he goes to work as a bartender.


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Not only does he see and hear everything, Dave the Bartender knows everything he sees and hears. A lethal combination of knowledge and / or hearsay.

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Et Tu Ready for Et Tu Bruce’

Once upon a time …

There were a whole bunch of musical groups who saturated the airwaves with harmony.


The Byrds, The Zombies, The Beatles and The Beach Boys to name but few …

Once upon a time – music was all about the sweet harmonies. The coming together of voices in an unique blend of scales. Falsetto praised Baritone and Baritone supported Falsetto. A harmonious conjecture in the sounds of life.

Somewhere, with exception, that sound disappeared. Until now …


Et Tu Bruce’ is a quartet from England. A rock foursome schooled in the sounds of the sixties.

Brian Wilson was a huge influence on me …” Admits singer and guitarist Jamie White. ” Pet Sounds along with The Zombies’ masterpiece Oddesey and Oracle are both magical albums complete with unbelievable harmonies. Definite masterpieces.”

The group, together for three years, are slowly captivating audiences with their inaugural CD – Suburban Sunshine.


“We are self produced and have our own label. Right now – we are just trying to get exposure. We have gotten airplay here (England) and are looking to branch out to North America.”

Thanks to one of their idols, that dream will come true ..

“We are opening up for The Zombies on March 16th in Austin as part of the Austin Psych Fest.” Says White. ” We are truly looking forward to that!”

The songs on the disc are rare. Unique in the fact that every one of them could be a hit single. ‘It’s All Nothing’ ( Molotov), the rose amongst roses …


The tune starts off with a bass line and is joined shortly by a percussion defined by a primitive feel. Once the vocals kick in complete with ‘sixties – styled’ lyrics – the listener is hooked. Add some guitar work reminiscent of Mick Taylor’s splendid work on the Stones’ song Heartbreaker, all that is missing are harmonies. Kidding … The harmonies arrive in the form of The Byrds or America. A song sure to grab North America by storm.

‘Stars Fall’ is the band’s current track du jour. A radio – friendly psychedelic ode to a romantic reasoning of the senses. Women will make their men listen and poke them in the ribs. A ‘proposal’ song a la ‘Crash’ by The Dave Mathews Band. Once more – as with most of the tracks , harmony is harmonious.


The rest of the songs; gems like ‘Never Say Trevor Again’, ‘Never See You Cry’ and ‘This City’, Beatle- esque / ELO masterpieces which will leave the ‘punter’ singing all day long. Sometimes – Lennon can be heard. Sometimes McCartney. All the time – Et Tu Bruce’ is present.

“One of my influences was Jeff Lynne from ELO.” Admits White. ” They wrote such pretty melodies and are a rare band. All the bands with harmonious sounds from the 60’s like The Beach Boys.”

Listen to the album. Over and over again. By choice. By need. By curiosity …

Saturation can be a good thing.