Rick Keene Music Scene – Listen to The Best New Blues Players Stop By and Say Hello !

It is okay to have The Blues

The Blues are the cornerstone of popular music along with Jazz and Country. The Blues are thriving despite mainstream media’s lack of attention.

Please listen below as several Blues artists stop by and introduce some new Blues tunes.

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Joe Bonamassa – Live at Red Rocks ! Now – Montreal!

Joe Bonamassa is the real deal.



Carrying the legacy of the Blues to a higher level – all the while keeping his feet planted firmly in  ‘Muddy Waters’.

And … Howlin’ Wolf


Listen below to hear some tracks off Joe’s homage to the pair of fabled Bluesmen.

Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks? Can it get any better?

Yes – He’s in Montreal the 9th and 10th of April!



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Joe Louis Walker; Full Interview

Joe Louis Walker just recently returned from a tour which brought him to Australia. He hooked up with some fellows who were schooled in the Blues. Mick, Keith, Charlie  – along with Joe’s pal Ronnie Wood, love talkin’ about the Blues.

Joe loves talking about the Blues also so a match made in heaven; a gross understatement …

Joe and Mick
Joe and Mick

Please listen as Joe discusses many topics including the present and the future of the Blues along with some very interesting insights.





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