Rick Keene Music Scene – There Is ‘No Woman’ Like Angela Harris

It is all about the roots after all …

Angela Harris knows all about the ‘roots’ of music. It is in her blood and DNA. In fact – Bluegrass and Country were all around her as a child …

Please listen below to my chat with Angela about her new disc;

A Woman Like Me.

Angela? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Rock for Dimes This Friday !

Raising money for the March of Dimes via Rock n Roll.

Pretty cool …

Hosting Rock for Dimes 2014

Every year in several Canadian cities – corporate guys and gals get together and put on a Rock show.

This year, in Montreal – the event takes place on November 16th at The Corona Theater. It promises to be a night to remember and another big total of money raised for the March of Dimes Canada.

Please listen below to my chat with Marc Dore – chairperson for Rock of Dimes Montreal.

Marc? What’s up?

Visit Rock for Dimes Here

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Hey Dweezil! Where Did You Find That One? Concert Review

How do you describe Frank Zappa’s music?

Easy. A blend of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Genesis, Yes, Rush, The Ramones, The Kinks, the Beatles and every artist between 1920 until present day.

Frank Zappa’s brilliance as a writer, producer, arranger, guitar player and every other position within an intellectual realm artistically and socially was put on display via Dweezil Zappa in Laval last night. Epic could be the best way to describe the evening.

The Purple Lagoon, Andy and Don’t You Want a Man Like Me opened things up along with the punter’s minds who were not far behind in realizing music exists beyond corporate radio. The name of this tour is Choice Cuts. An insight into the non commercial world of Frank Zappa. Given Frank’s songs were mostly non radio friendly, choosing ‘choice’ tracks should be easy.

Think again …

Firstly – Dweezil’s Muthas are not your Father’s band. When each player within a band could headline on their own – something special is on the way. Dweezil himself – one of the finest guitar players ‘off the beaten path’ and an astute songwriter to boot. Detach the Zappa moniker and all it’s expectations – Dweezil could very well be in the same breath as Vai, Satriano et al. in the mainstream conscientiousness. Frank probably would want it this way and ensure the Zappa legacy maintains musical integrity.

As the show moved along – perhaps the ladies initially stole the show. Vocalist Cian Coey and multi – instrumentalist Scheila Gonzalez were on fire. Frank Zappa’s tunes contained whimsical female voices along with serious style. Both Scheila and Cian added their parts with conviction. Cian alone – stealing the spotlight throughout the evening with power, finesse and grace. An indication the ‘top forty’ radio female vocalists are nowhere near the best. Scheila no slouch either as her vocals more than impressed and her Sax playing otherworldly. Frank would be proud.

Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me You Love Me and T’Mershi Duween. Three more tunes which only the die hard Frank fans know aside from the band.

Drummer Ryan Brown, bassist Kurt Morgan, Chris Norton on keys and guitarist / vocalist Adam Minkoff were on the same bus. Travelling the Zappa songbook at light-speed. Shining alone when called upon and perfectly in sync with grooves as sweet as the most perfect five hour Funk jam. The completeness allowing Dweezil to do his thang.

Steve Vai was one of Dweezil’s teachers back in the day. Frank Zappa was one of Dweezil’s muses. Dweezil has worked with every guitar player worth their weight in gold. Nothing could go wrong within a solo and Dweezil’s own curiosity to grow as an artist – adds to the special moments when Dweezil takes the spotlight.

Suzy Creamcheese, Valley Girl, Zoot Allures, Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow and Joe’s Garage – the show and the intensity continued.

Serious musicians playing serious licks. Only the students of music can understand and appreciate Dweezil’s (The Muthas) take on his Father’s songs. Only serious students of music can appreciate Frank Zappa and his genius.

They can describe Frank Zappa’s music …

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Jake Burns Still Has ‘Stiff Little Fingers’

Some bands fall through the cracks as far as recognition goes. Stiff Little Fingers are one of those bands.

Born at the height of Punk music’s global popularity, the band emerged from a Country that was not known for Rock music.

‘I have no doubt there were many talented musicians and songwriters in Ireland …” Says original and current member and songwriter Jake Burns. ” Due to the fear factor of losing jobs (that were few and far between) and the non acceptance of Northern Ireland musicians due to the political unrest in Ireland, sadly many chose or were forced to stay put.”

Stiff Little Fingers, a group of schoolboy friends formed in 1977. A time when groups such as The Ramones and The Sex Pistols were gaining momentum. It was another band however which many comparisons were made.

“Everyone kept telling us we sounded like The Clash and we were asked if they were a huge influence.” Says Burns on the eve of their November 10th show in Montreal. “We never really spoke with the guys from The Clash and wondered if they took us as a threat or admired us.”

Four albums in three years starting in 1979 saw the band emerge as a voice of unrest for not only the people of Ireland – the entire world. Punk music and Stiff Little Fingers were affecting fans and non fans alike.

“When I started writing songs, I had a little difficulty coming up with ideas and they were forced’ Says Burns. ” I spoke with someone and once I realized it is important to write what you know – that is when things changed for me as a songwriter and the band.

Stiff Little Fingers then suffered the same fate as many bands. Knowing each other for so long and being on the road and always together, the fighting started.

” All these years later, in hindsight – all we needed to do was to take a step back and we would have been fine …” Admits Jake. ” It was not about dislike, it was about the stress of the business and a lot of pressure to maintain a band.”

In 1987, following a hiatus and Jake partaking in a solo effort and collaborations, Stiff Little Fingers reunited and despite the words of the music business; The Fingers embarked on what would become a very successful tour in Germany to sold out crowds. Burns and the band have never looked back.


Since their reformation, Stiff Little Fingers have released six albums with the last being the critically acclaimed 2014’s ‘No Going Back’.

Jake Burns still follows the recipe of writing what he knows for success.

” I went through some major life changes such as a divorce and relocation to a different continent and I did not think anyone would want to listen to a middle age guy sing about a mid-life crisis and divorce. Luckily I was wrong …”

Stiff Little Fingers are in Montreal Saturday night November 10th at Foufounes Electriques.

Get Tickets Here !

Visit Stiff Little Fingers Here

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Reuben and The Dark; A Musical Success For Album Number Two

Rarely does a band come along which evokes feelings of hope within despair. Reuben and The Dark are that band.

Just five years in and (now) two albums under their belts, Reuben and the Dark are setting Canada on fire as they tour the vastness.

Arms of a Dream is their latest recorded offering and in 2014 they released their ‘rookie’ disc; Funeral Sky.

Please listen below to my chat with Reuben Bullock about the new disc and hear some great tunes !

Reuben? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Barbra Lica Is ‘A Little Bit Country’ On Her New Album

The word Jazzify is now a new thing …

Barbra Lica is one of the fastest -rising Jazz singers in Canada. Her last album – I’m Still Learning’, gained Barbra a Juno nomination for best Jazz album.

Stick to Jazz Barbra! Right?


By mistake – Barbra stumbled into Country music while learning her songwriting craft. The rest is present-day history.

Please listen below to my chat with Barbra and hear some great tunes from the new album; You’re Fine.

Barbra? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – A Zappa Doesn’t Fall Far From The Zappa Tree. PART TWO

Frank Zappa was all about artistic integrity. His son Dweezil is also …

Authenticity within sound is crucial to creating and delivering the art of music. Both Zappas live by that credo.

Please listen below to  Part Two of my chat with Dweezil Zappa as we chat about various topics including Frank Zappa’s foreshadowing. 

Dweezil? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – A Zappa Doesn’t Fall Far From The Zappa Tree.

Playing guitar very well must be a DNA thing …

Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil, is a chip off the old block even though it is not sought out. Call it instinct, call it learned behavior or call it genetic – the artistic blood does circulate and will eventually come out in layered colors.

Please listen below to  Part One of my chat with Dweezil Zappa. Topics include his Dad, his guitar playing and many other interesting tidbits. Stay tuned for Part Two. 

Dweezil? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Local Nurse Chantal Guimond Realizes Her Dreams

A nurse has one of the most stressful  jobs in Montreal.

Chantal Guimond knows this very well. A veteran of nursing for thirty years. -music has always been her source of relaxation following a hard shift.

Creating music has always been a dream and now Chantal has obtained step one. A CD and an official launch just the beginning of what may be a post retirement career.

Please listen below to my chat with Chantal and hear some great tunes!



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Ladies and Gentlemen; The Winner of The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge Justin Saladino

Only the good die young …

The Blues are steeped in tradition of making deals with the Devil at the crossroads. Bad in the Blues is a good thing.

Justin Saladino and his band were the baddest thing on stage Tuesday night as they competed and won The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge. The next step? Conquering the biggest Blues stage in the world.

Please listen below to my chat with Justin about the win and his steadfast work ethic to be better all the time.

Justin? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Chris Velan is No ‘Amateur’ on Latest Album

Montreal singer and songwriter Chris Velan has it right.

His latest album contains lyrics so human, so profound and so unique – the only thing missing is an old landline telephone.


Please listen below as Chris explains ‘Amateur Hour’ among other things.

Chris? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – The Five Finalists for The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge 2018

Every year someone heads to Memphis …

This year is no different.

Five bands have been chosen as the finalists in 2018. Five different sounds all within the confines of the Blues formula. Different but with the very familiar sound which propelled the legends of Rock n Roll to super-stardom.

Have a listen below to five songs from five artists. Can you choose a winner?


Visit the Montreal Blues Society Here !


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Joe Louis Walker; Every True Bluesman Tells a Story …

Joe Louis Walker understands the Blues …

The guitar player was around to witness the Blues being introduced to California in the late sixties and the early seventies. Being privy to guys like Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield.

Please listen below to my chat with Joe about Mike Bloomfield’s influence on The Blues scene and Joe’s new record; JourneysTo The Heart Of The Blues

Joe? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Kyra Shaughnessy; A Breath of Fresh Music Air …

Sit back and escape …

Leaving the fast paced digital age behind is something Kyra Shaughnessy wants to pass on to listeners through her music.

On her fifth release – the (now) resident of the Eastern Townships has matured into a comfortable artistic place. Combining all previous learning curves into a beautiful arc.

Please listen below to my chat with Kyra about her new album Standing Still.

Kyra what’s up?

Visit Kyra Here !

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Max Parker; Do Not Call Him the Next Justin Bieber …

Max Parker is young, Canadian and a songwriter. That is where the comparison with Justin Bieber ends.

Max is his own person. Something he wants to make clear as his single makes it’s way into the charts.

‘Out of the Blue’ is the first single released with more on the way in the  coming months. The song showcases Max’ talents as a guy with a profound soul. Something which is essential to a songwriter. The innate ability to see the world from the outside looking in.

Please listen below to my chat with Max and hear the new single. Get a sneak preview to another tune as well.

Max? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene; Top Ten Canadian Interviews – Part Deux

In Canada, we have a saying …

He shoots, he scores … !

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)


Aside from that – we have beavers and lots of ( Justin Bieber aside ) – great music. In 2014, I was fortunate enough  to speak to very many of the men, women and teenagers who sing from this great country of Canada.

Derek Falls
Derek Falls

Please listen below as the countdown to the number one interview of 2014 continues …

* Please note – No puck was injured during the filming of this segment. Talk soon …




jarrett copy








Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Wants To Change His Race To Black

My, my, my, my,  my …

What is going on with Bieber? From a cute Youtube sensation to a wanted ‘potential criminal’. Somewhere – Stompin’ Tom  is stompin’ in his grave.

Now comes the news that Justin wants to alter his official race of ‘white’ to a definate more off – white hue. Somewhat darker. Somewhat BLACK …

Somewhere Marvin Gaye is stompin’ in his grave!


Here now, thanks to some investigative investigating – are The Top Ten Reasons Justin Bieber Wants To Change His Race to Black.

10. Figures it is the only way to get Buddy Guy to play guitar on his next album.

9. Are you kidding? Black famous people ALWAYS get off on criminal charges!

8. Would really, really, really like to be able to hang out and speak patois with Rob Ford!

7. Chuck Berry will return his phonecalls now.

6. The Jackson Five are in dire need of a younger brother with talent!

5. Endless hours in a Scarborough tanning salon – no longer necessary …

4. President Barack Bieber! Just part of a master plan!

3. Vanilla Ice and Eminem hold the monopoly for white rappers.

2. The Lakers need someone to replace the aging Kobe Bryant.

and the number one reason Justin Bieber Wants to Change His Race to Black?

1. So he can whiten his skin, claim a pigmentation disease, buy Neverland, become the King of Pop, marry Elvis’ daughter, wear pyjamas in public, name one of his children Blanket and die amid mysterious circumstances.

One Road; A Little Bit Country – A Little Bit Rock n Roll

La la la la … life goes on …

Or so it goes for the band One Road.

Tracy and Mike’s lifelong dream of making a living as musicians – is far from over. Despite a learning curve larger than Justin Bieber’s list of arrest warrants, the duo are re-adjusting their game plan. Not changing – tweaking. A little change never hurt anyone after all …

Listen below as Tracy explains his next course and why he thinks something other than Marois must be changed in Quebec.

Tracy …?






Please visit One Road here!





Company Example
Company Example


Band Example
Band Example



Great Canadian Rock Show Part Three


Lennex, Santers, Mainline, Bravebelt, Klaatu …

Heard of these guys? Probably. You just do not know it.

Five Canadian bands who paved the way for guys like Bryan Adams and (sigh) Justin Bieber. Commercially – anyways. Bands who did not get their fair due airplay -wise and monetarily. Some did – most had a cup of coffee in the show but in those days, record companies led the corrupt way for most.

In part three, Ritchie Henman ( co-founder of April Wine), speaks about The Wackers from a front ( back?) seat view and Mitchell Field talks about Hellfield. A band who opened for The Cars at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Ready Ritchie? Mitchell? Alright fellas …let’s go ….!


‘The Devil’ Made Alex Cross Do It!

Once upon in a lifetime, a young prodigy enters people’s lives and they brush him or her off …

Years later – they recognize the person on stage, accepting an award or two and exclaim;” Hey …I used to know that dude (ette). Ya right – go and get your teeth Grandpa ( ma) – it is time for bed!

Franco De Crescentis may turn out to be that guy. Bite him now while you still have teeth. Franco is going places …

Listen as Franco explains his play and very many antidotes relating to Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame.


Alex Cross and His Director’s Rise to Fame …

Franco De Crescentis got the idea to write his play by watching YouTube videos of conspiracy theories. He was careful however as many are recorded by fundamentalists whose visions are slightly ‘skewed’ …

The play in question; ‘Alex Cross and his Rise to Fame’ is a fantastic look into the bad side of the music business. Corporate radio may want to stay away. Gazing into the mirror may be painful …

The concept of the play is simple. A Robert Johnson – esque, romp into just how far someone will go to obtain fame and acquire what the mass media dictates to a population void of their own thought process. Franco asks questions or points out the obvious that most people are either unaware of or afraid to know.

The answers are in your face and are paraded in front of an audience in various funny, poignant and ‘mysterious’ ways. A conclusion of ‘the Devil made me do it …’ – frightfully real.

pressrelease_web‘Alex Cross and his Rise to Fame’ is about a young talentless wannabe singer ( played perfectly by  Kenny Streule) selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for plastic success. A wayward boy – man whose ideas stem from a MuchMusic childhood. Alex has no idea that peace within and artistic integrity arrives from his soul and not the souls of others. His plight – a sad, scathing look into the world’s inability to arrange priorities for a youth raised by a continuing media -driven society.  And peer pressure was bad twenty years ago …? Streule is perfectly cast with a combination of naivety and a drive to succeed. His energy providing fodder for any kid wanting to be the next Justin Bieber / Rock star.

The play is fun to watch and Franco has a very bright future in front of him as a playwrite. His ideas and words – far more advanced than his young age.

Donald Shepherd is delightfully cast as the Devil himself. His presence on stage – an uneasy Utopian moment each and every time. Shepard plays Beezlebub as Satan is imagined. Charming, corrupt and as real a pitchfork placed perfectly within purgatory. Everywhere he walks – surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Sexy, sultry and inviting Alex Cross into their worlds of decadence. Into their orb of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Believable? You bet.

The entire play is narrated by actor Jason Yearow. The entire story is dictated through words which describe the entire process of corporate chastity for those in the audience unable to grasp the gravity of the gaping hole  society drills into it’s unsuspecting denizens. Jason does a bang up job of pitching the words with the ebbs and flows necessary to point out the imperfections in a human being.

The play is a parody of  perfect portions. The most amusing – the portrayal of the dim – witted Veejays and DJ’s scattered throughout the corporate world via the airwaves. Television and radio personalities who sell their souls each and every day to finance SUVs and plasma televisions. Folks who have no musical education or knowledge pimping out mass -produced ‘stars’ to a public sadly unaware of what music really means or is supposed to mean.

Franco himself plays Gavin. A guy who is part three in the sad equation of society.

poster2Gavin is a loser. An outcast. A nerd in the true sense of the word. Longing to be loved via his association with a star the caliber of Cross. When Gavin is snubbed and made fun of by Cross in public, Gavin resorts to the only way he knows to ‘get back’ at Cross. Unearthing any bad evidence which will lead to the downfall of Cross’ career. Gavin exists in the play with strength. Gavin exists in society with a presence in every nook and cranny. Gavin is basically everyman. Lurking in the shadows and waiting to prey on someone who has fallen from their perch. Gavin exists in every work place, every sports team and every facet of life. Gavin is powerful and has many followers – as long as Gavin does not fall himself.

Franco’s ‘Alex Cross and his Rise to Fame’ is worth seeing. The play needs to be staged on a bigger stage and receive more notice. It is that good and with added funding – Franco’s skills will only toss him onto a bigger stage or movie theaters near you.

Franco’s play needs to be broadcast on Youtube. Until someone discovers Franco’s skeletons of course …

 The Creative Team
 Franco De Crescentis Playwright, Producer, Director
 Mayumi Yoshida Assistant Producer, Production Manager
 Amanda Goldberg Stage Manager
 Jamie Walker Assistant Stage Manager
 Meg Furihata Prop Builder
 Michael Panich Lighting Designer
 Laurent Laigneaux Sound Designer, Composer
 The Cast
 Kenny Streule Alex Cross
 Donald Shepherd Baal
 Franco De Crescentis Gavin
 Jason Yearow Narrator & Various Roles
 Anne-Josie Roy Various Roles
 Catherine Karas Various Roles
 Daphne Morin Various Roles
 Jenny Walker Various Roles
 Kathleen Glynn Various Roles
 Stéphanie Bijou Various Roles
 Yan Thivierge Various Roles

Top Ten Signs Your Baby will Become a Rock Star!

Spawn a kid did ya …?

Want he or she to grow up and become a lawyer, doctor or astronaut? Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes, life does not end up as planned. Children end up doing things that do not necessarily appease the parents ( just ask Mr. and Mrs. Dahlmer )

Kids lead their own destiny. They follow their own path. They eat  yellow snow …

By far, the fate worse than death for many parents – is their offspring becoming members of bands with names such as  Offspring  or Twisted Sister. Enough to make even the most rational Father run to a therapist ( see Phil, Dr.) for help.

Can this infliction be treated? Is there a way to exorcise these demons before the child starts tossing cereal around the kitchen? Can this be nipped in the bud before Mom starts ‘nipping’ in the Budweiser?

Afraid not.

Here now, are the Top Ten Signs Your Baby Will Become  a Rock Star ...

10. The leather material from the couch is missing and mysteriously appears as a diaper.

9. Baby’s first words; ” Hey Motherf*cker! I said no brown M and M’s!

8. Refers to car rides as ‘tours’!

7. His favorite lullaby? Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

6. Every-time Dad gets home from work, baby says; ‘Did you get the stuff man …?’

5. Aw … his first wall scribbles …  ‘666’

4. The names of the goldfish are;  ‘Mick’ and ‘Keith’!

3. Every Friday night at nine o’clock, Baby gets ‘the munchies’ …

2. Refers to the dog as ‘Bonzo’ and the cat as ‘Ringo’ !

and the number one sign your baby will become a rock star?

1. Head spins every time a Justin Bieber song plays on the radio !


Top Ten Things Keith Richards Will Probably Never Say

The human riff.

Keef. The original bad boy and guitarist who defined the behavior for five decades of rock n roll offspring …

He is a man’s man. He stays the course, remains true to his beliefs no matter the consequences. For this reason, here now are the Top Ten things Keith Richards will probably never say …

10. ‘Hey Mick! I love that matching sequined  hat and coat ensemble you wore on stage in ’72 – do you still have it and may I borrow it for a week?’

9. ‘Did you hear that new Justin Bieber song? Awesome isn’t it?”

8.”I think, starting tomorrow, I will jog ten miles a day!”

7. ‘If I have one regret, it would be the fact I chose the Stones in lieu of the Bee Gees!”

6. ‘I just got back from a Celine Dion concert …”

5. “I have just finished a tour! I am going to Disneyland!”

4. “Sure I’ll be a judge on American Idol!”

3. ” Take the drapes in the living room for example – they are a perfect balance of a satin-based feminine perspective of the Victorian period combined with a masculinity that  borders on a sensibility catered toward the Bourgeois of the late sixteenth century.” (okay – depending on the drugs he took – he may say that).

2. ” M.A.D.D asked me to be their poster boy! I said yes! I am so damn excited!”

and the number one thing Keith Richards will probably never say …?

1. Chuck Berry and I get along great!”


Misstress Barbara – Business as Usual

The beat goes on …

Never is this as true when it comes to Misstress Barbara.

“I really do not know how well my music is doing or where it is selling the most.”Says Barbara Bonfligio from her home in Montreal. ‘”Cd’s are not as big as they once were. It’s difficult to have a barometer on how popular things are.”

If the popularity of the Rogers Cup Tennis tournament is any indication, Mistress Barbara is doing fine – thank you very much. Huh?What’s love got to do with it …?

Misstress Barbara‘s song; The Right Thing, following a slight modification, has been used as the tourney’s theme song for the past two years. Something which places a smile on Barbara’s face.

“I’m a huge tennis fan and player. The organizers became aware and asked permission to use it.I removed the words , tweeked it a bit yet more or less – it’s the same song.I’m proud that people from around the world can listen to it when they are in town to watch the best tennis players in the world.”

The world coming to listen is a complete flip-flop from what Misstress Barbara is used to.

The Italian born DJ – turned singer/writer/producer, has spent the past sixteen years touring the globe wth her techno-produced act. Foremost as a DJ and more recently on the strength of a pair of albums,

“My first album was an expirement of sorts. My friends urged me to do it and now as I listen back, it is easy to see how I lacked a bit of confidence.” Notes Barbara. “The songs on that album were based on my poems and thoughts at the time. My father had passed away and the album was a lot more reserved than the new one ‘MANY SHADES OF GREY’

‘I’m No Human’ was the name of Misstress Barbara’s first cd – released in 2009. That disc was nominated for a Juno award for best dance album yet was edged out by Deadmau5. Pretty good for a woman who believes her pitch was all wrong on that album. Barbara’s approach to the future is simple. Enjoy friends and family and do the things that you love and keep changing.

“Being a DJ and continuing would have been quite easy. Now that I have two albums under my belt, the trick is to keep improving …”

Never one to back down from a challenge, Bonfligio, a pilot among other things, believes the new disc is a way to keep things fresh.

In other words; Business as usual.

Catch Misstress Barbara this Friday night at Club Soda


First things first.

What is witnessed in this documentary/ concert film, is not for the faint – hearted. In other words; Justin Bieber fans stay away.

‘Make it Funky‘ tells the tale of New Orleans music. A combination of blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel, soul and funk. Rock n roll? You bet …

According to one of the performers in the almost three hour concert which is featured in the DVD, New Orleans music has a sound of it’s own. Keith Richards knows a little about sound and about being different.
This docu- cert weaves a fine road through a thick tapestry of N’Orlean mud. The groundwork as astonishing as the music itself. The groundwork the architectural plans of modern day music.

Meet the Neville clan. There are quite a few of these home grown boys carrying the messages of music in their instrument cases. Aaron, in what may be the most compelling statement of the film, tells how his song ‘Tell It Like It Is ‘ grew into a global monster hit. Mr. Neville did not receive much money for it – in fact, next to nothing. Profoundly, Neville explains how this was a good thing. The riches he richly deserved, would have surely killed him.


Make it funky sheds light on the darkness called racism. Many of the founding fathers of modern day music discovered themselves banished from the clubs which showcased the very tunes they themselves made famous.

The origins of this movie commenced inside the head of Allen Toussaint. If James Brown is the godfather of soul, Toussaint may be the patriarch of the New Orleans sound. By no means did he invent it yet there are few who carry the torch so highly and publicly as Toussaint.

What the Rolling Stones have done and continue to do for the forefathers of blues, Allen is doing for the greats of New Orleans.


The late Earl Palmer, considered the grandfather of Rock n Roll drumming is featured and honoured by the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Kermit Ruffins, Irma Thomas and the human riff himself – Keith Richards. Palmer, who passed away in 2008 at the age of 84, provides the backbeat for the musical journey from the days of segregation through to the newest member of the Neville clan on guitar.


You got horns, you got funk on the piano and you got a whole lot of New Orleans ripping up the stage. This is soul- defining stuff which pretty much makes the majority of music since seem amateurish in comparison.

Toussaint knows; first things first …

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