Rick Keene Music Scene – What’s Going On ?

As usual – a lot going on … From 80’s Pop to R&B and Soul – Montreal and The Montreal Jazz Festival has a lot to offer.   Please listen below for some upcoming shows and some great tunes. Thank You !     Listen to my interview with Cliff Stevens Here !     […]

Juno Award Winner Steve Hill Talks Volumes!

 Steve Hill has come a long way … Starting with his Solo Recordings Volume One out of necessity, Steve’s one-man band mentality has become the talk of the country.    Please listen below as Steve talks about his latest offering Solo Recordings Volume Three, his new-found success and his guitars of choice.   Thanks for […]

What Do Jesse Jack, Abandoned Animals and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Have in Common? Have a Listen – Won’t Ya?

Montreal’s Jesse Jack had an eye-opening experience as he travelled to Nashville to work on his new album. Jesse gained knowledge which many musicians never do. Equipped with the new found smarts and some great original tunes, Jesse Jack will display his experience on Feb.6th at The Firm ( see link below) to help Gerdy’s […]

Rick Keene Music Scene Presents; ‘ This ‘ 70’s Show!

The 1970’s were a strange decade but a good one. Mood Rings, Pet Rocks, Disco, CB Radios – it was a definable decade of different dimensions. Leisure suits, shag carpeting and waterbeds. Trends which were all the rage while listening to The Carpenters, Heart, The Eagles, Peter Frampton  and hundreds of bands and solo artists […]

Philip Sayce – This is Your Father’s Rock n Roll!

  Philip Sayce did not just get off the Rock n Roll truck … A Mini-Van perhaps – but not a truck! Fresh off a triumphant eight city tour of Canada that left fans and critics spellbound, rock guitar sensation Philip Sayce makes his major label debut on Tuesday, April 7 with the release of […]

Piers Faccini; No Melancholy Here …

Sadness is in the eye of the beholder … Art is very personal. Unique to both the artists and the ‘customers’. Like a painting ‘hung out to dry’ at the local art gallery – depending on the mood, the creation can be perceived and may be created differently on an given day. Thank goodness for […]