Rick Keene Music Scene – Candlelight Christmas; A Montreal Musical Treasure

Christmas comes early every year in Montreal.

What the world needs now is love sweet love. There is no way around it. No skirting the issue. Social media and the internet with all their faults have invented or misinformed an already dysfunctional planet into a dysfunctional abyss. Everyone’s head needs to pull back and rejoice in the purest things of life.

The musical director of The Lyric Theatre Singers Bob Bachelor is supplying the joy and the purity. The public’s job is to just show up.

Magically – the world and all it’s pimples will seem obscure and irrelevant. The glow of the candles will brighten the soul and the spirit. The music will cleanse the corruption and the vocals will radiate happiness.

Please listen below to my chat with Bob and hear some angelic Christmas sounds from the Lyric Theatre Singers.

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