Rick Keene Music Scene – Delfeayo Marsalis; Part of Jazz Royalty

We all know the Marsalis clan. Yet – do we?

Delfeayo Marsalis is the unsung hero. The master of arranging, producing, conducting and teaching. He is also no slouch musically either. All the Marsalis’ children were raised with a social conscience and it shines through directly in Delfeayo’s release; Make America Great Again.

Plese listen below to my chat with Jazz royalty. Delfeayo? What’s up?

Just Who Are the Finalists for The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge and Do They Live at 2120 South Michigan Avenue?

What is the health of The Blues Scene in Quebec and Montreal?

A fair question by passing music fans …


Well, in a very small ‘ tip of the iceberg’ sorta way, examples are fast and furious.

Last season, in the Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge ( an annual event which chooses the best Blues Band and Solo Act to represent Quebec in Memphis), The Paul Deslauriers Band took first prize and headed down South to network and improve Quebec’s presence globally.


Past winners have also included Harmonica master Guy Belanger and guitarist Steve Hill to name but two. Hill, a Trois Rivieres native, also has won multiple Maple Blues Awards and a Juno Award.

Up and comers such as Dawn Tyler Watson’s amazing backing band; The Ben Racine Band and guitarist extraordinaire Justin Saladino – both poised to carry the Blues torch in the future.


Great songwriters and performers in their own right, groovin’ the tunes the way the tunes were meant to be grooved.

The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge finals take place this coming Tuesday at 5 pm at Bistro a Jo Jo  – In the band category, Dawn Tyler Watson, Angel Forrest and Jordan Officer are the final three standing.  Who will represent Quebec in Memphis?

Please listen below and judge for yourself ! Listen also to some great tunes from the home of The Blues –

2120 South Michigan Avenue.

Talk soon !



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Making America Great Again ! ( Through Music ) 

Ah … America !


The land of the free and the home of the brave … or is it bravado?

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Unites States are a lot of fun to watch and learn from.

This election brings craziness like it has never been seen before. Some, wish for the days of old, when America was great ! Or – is it selective memory? Was America great before?

Listen below to some great tunes and poignant lyrics from The Uptown Jazz Orchestra.

Make America Great Again ?



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