Rick Keene Music Scene – Mike Goudreau Celebrates Twenty Years in Music ‘Acoustically’

You can teach old dogs new tricks.

Mike Goudreau started his career before the possibility of Trump becoming President. Things change and so has Mike along with his various music incantations. One thing remains constant. Goudreau’s passion for the Blues and ‘Roots’ music.

Please listen below to my chat with Mike about his new album; Acoustic Sessions.

Mike? What is up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Selling Steve Hackett by the Pound


 Once upon a time, Genesis was not a Pop band.

Cutting edge songs in the prog Rock vein was what made Genesis into one of the biggest selling commercial bands of all time. Lyricist and singer Peter Gabriel and guitar player Steve Hackett were a huge part of that equation. Upon their departure – something was missing ..

Please have a listen below to one of their best albums and hear some of the behind the scenes nuances which took place.




Steve Hackett.com


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Kate McGarry; A Loving Trio Just in Time for Valentine’s Day


Kate McGarry has one of the greatest voices in music.

One Grammy nomination under her belt later, Kate has hooked up with two of her favorite fellows to record an album fitting for not just a Grammy award – an Oscar award as well.

Combining Jazz sensibilities with soundtrack mentalities is a coup for music lovers of all genres.

Please listen below as Kate explains the thinking, the process and her thoughts about working with Keith Ganz and Gary Versace

Kate? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Mike Goudreau; Making a Name for His Music in Hollywood!

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Sometimes, artists do not get their just due. Instead of rolling over and crying into their old Blues records, craftsmen must think outside the box. They look for avenues to not only make money – to also earn the respect they deserve for quality art

Mike Goudreau is one of those guys.


Inadvertently stumbling into a lucrative licensing career which has seen his songs played in many TV shows and Hollywood films. CSI Los Angeles and Netflix’ Bloodline to name two.

Please have a listen below to my chat with Mike about licensing music for visual media South of the Border and other tales related to his career. Listen to some great tunes which are being released for the first time commercially on Alternate Takes Volume One.


Mike? What’s up?



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Mike Goudreau – A Must Listen for The Blues and How to Make Money from Music!

Every musician can relate. CDs are not selling as much anymore and the cost to put on gigs is high. The pay for the gigs seem to diminish with every  passing month.



Mike Goudreau is no different.

With the help of the internet, Mike discovered a money – making vehicle for his endless repertoire.

Please listen below as Mike discusses his new found fame, his work on Jay Sewall’s album Duets 1 and The Mike Goudreau Band’s new record.




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