Rick Keene Music Scene – Smoke Meat Pete Blues Playlist

It is good to be blue sometimes …

The essentials, the base – the cement floor to the skyscraper known as music.

That is what The Blues are. The fundamental tools required to make it in music. If you don’t know the Blues – there is no point trying anything else.

Please listen below to some great Blues tracks from around the world.

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‘In the Doghouse’ – For once; A Good Thing!

Wow …!

In two short years – Kahnawake Rock band ‘In the Doghouse’; have conquered feats which many bands do not achieve in a lifetime!

Two short summers ago, the band opened up for Foreigner at Maddie’s Place in Kahnawake. Then – if that were not enough; another opening slot for Quiet Riot at the same venue. Many may think the connection is obvious and favoritism is involved since Kahnawake equals Maddie’s Place.

How then – does one explain the band opening up for Kim Mitchell on the 9th of May at Club Soda? Talent perhaps …?

Rickey? Asher …? Take it away boys …



In the Doghouse are opening up for

Kim Mitchell Friday May 9th at Club Soda


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You Can Call Me Ray … You Can Call Me Jay – Or you Can Call Me ‘Snooksta’; Part Two

Wednesday is the night to be downtown …

Why? That is the evening ‘Snooksta and the Gangstas’ take to the stage at The House of Jazz. They provide rhythm, Blues and Jazz.

Combined with a battery section of two old friends, a young and upcoming saxophone player and a beautiful pianist – the band leaves no one empty. Especially the house which George Durst built.

Leslie …? Wuz’ up …?


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