Kevin Harvey of The Durham County Poets Talks The ‘Roots’ of ‘Monday Morning’

Country, Folk and Blues …   Three ingredients that make up ‘the Chikkaboodah Stew’.  Did you miss a new trendy meal? Don’t worry, you can get a taste of the ‘stew’ Saturday night at Smoke Meat Pete in Ile Perrot. ‘The Chikkaboodah Stew’ is the name of The Durham County Poets’ second CD and songs from their soon-to-be-released new CD […]

Rick Keene Music Scene; Saxophonist Noah Preminger ‘Protests’ With The Help of Bob Dylan, George Harrison and ‘An American Conscience’

Noah Preminger likes to think … Call it a social conscience or just being a caring human being. Either way, that mindset created Noah’s recent album; ‘Meditations on Freedom ‘. A response to ‘craziness ‘ which was released on inauguration day in the United States. January 20th, 2017 was not Trump’s day, it was Noah’s […]

Rick Keene Music Scene – Tunes to Make Your Day

Music …  It cures and soothes. Make sure you buy it and not get it for free. Don’t live in the past and support new music. Where would we be right now if nobody supported The Beatles, Stones and everyone who came after? Please listen below to some great tunes by various artists. Support singers […]