Rick Keene Music Scene – Adam Karch Proves Everything Can Change on New Album

Turn and face the strange

Adam Karch may or may not have used David Bowie’s song Changes as an influence for his new album; Everything Can Change.

The album, Karch’s fifth studio offering, reminds everyone the more things change; the more they stay the same. Karch maintains the finesse which his fans are accustomed to but adds another dimension to his songwriting.

Please listen below to my chat with Adam about the new disc and where he is in life. Did everything change …?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Worldly Sounds To Soothe the Soul

The world exists outside of North America.

Have a listen below to some of the finest musicians from around the world as they collaborate with Canadians. Eh

Rick Keene Music Scene – Thank God It Is Friday and Why Did I Not Feed the Fish?

In the words of Loverboy; Everyone’s watching, to see what you will do
Everyone’s looking at you, oh
Everyone’s wondering, will you come out tonight
Everyone’s trying to get it right, get it right

Kick off your shoes (don’t hit the kids), open a tasty beverage and take time to listen to some new tunes, old tunes and upcoming shows.

Please listen below to some great tunes sand even greater information.

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You Scream, I Scream – We all Scream for New Tunes ! Betty Bonifassi, Michael Blum, Royal Wood, Pete DuMoulin, Paul DesLauriers Band and Rob Garcia !

In with the old and out with the new !

June 2nd - Club Soda
June 2nd – Club Soda

These days, it seems radio has a problem with new tunes ! R &B, Blues and Jazz are ripe with talented songs which require airplay. Unfortunately – radio is mostly controlled by corporations. Unless an artist has a link to those corporate companies, radio airplay is sadly – not in the cards …

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Please … have a listen below to some great new tunes from artists who are writing, creating and playing music. No pitch adjustments, no auto-tune.


Real folks playing real music! 

Thanks for Listening !


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Jim Cuddy – Back to Nature …

Blue Rodeo are coming to Montreal on March the 2nd to Place des Arts. For Jim Cuddy – it’s natural.

This is the final show on a tour that has seen his son opening up and Juno nominations for Blue Rodeo and his eldest child; Devin. A fulfilling year to say the least …

Please listen as Jim explains his songs, his thinking about songwriting and his pride with his son. A Canadian legend to say the least.

Jim …?



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Company Example
Company Example



Noelle Hannibal; Using RENT For A Good Cause

Noelle Hannibal is no stranger to fundraising …

Given her outgoing nature, it is natural for her to be able to approach people with ease. Asking for donations for a good cause? A no-brainer for this native Californian girl. It is about helping people and asking others to do the right thing.

Listen as Noelle explains the very poignant reasons why she is co-producing a show this Saturday.

Got a Kleenex handy …?


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A Conversation with Tom Gimbel of Foreigner

Tom Gimbel, the multi – instrumentalist for the band Foreigner – is no stranger to music.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Listen below as he speaks of his early influences, his love of playing the drums, rhythm guitar and saxophone. He also speaks of touring with Aerosmith, INXS and how he hooked up with the Mick Jones through a ‘personality’ test …?

Hope you enjoy. A great guy and a true music lover.






Black History Month is Human History Month – Musically

Akilah Newton and Jonathan Emile are doing their part to make the world a better place …

Akilah ( the organizer) and Jonathan ( the performer) are travelling many places to spread the word about peace and love. They are doing it through music and other elements which may catch the ignorant eyes in the audience.

The best thing? They are educating the young and would be glad to come to a school near you …

Akilah and Jonathan – take it away please!

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