‘Too Many Cooks’ Down to One; Richard D ‘Anjou Delivers the Best Quebec Rock Album of the Year

 ‘Too Many Cooks’ spoil the broth …

Unless of course you are talking about ‘the band’. 

‘Too Many Cooks’ exploded onto the Quebec scene in 1986 and their rise was meteoric. Mesmerizing. Monumental. 

Fast forward to 2017, the band is no longer a working unit and Richard D’Anjou has been out of the music spotlight for ten plus years. The former ‘addict’ and current sober Father has returned with an album that could well be the best Rock album from Quebec this year.

Please listen below to my chat with Richard as we discuss ‘Too Many Cooks’, his thought process and the new album.

Hear some great tracks too! 

Richard? What’s Up?



CD Launch Monday April 10th

5 a 7

 Petit Campus

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Listen below to upcoming shows in Montreal !


Strangers in the Night – Aug.25th



The Flying Joes – Old School Rock n’ Roll !

The lead singer of The Flying JoesSyd Bedard, is having fun !

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His band has a new album titled ‘Let It Out !’ and they are commencing their first tour …

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Please listen below as Syd explains his band, the album, the tour and why it may not be such a good idea to be a drummer in his band.




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Jerry Mercer – As The Years Go By; Part Three

Jerry Mercer – the drummer who had the opportunity to play drums for Roy Buchanan, retired as the drummer for April Wine four years ago …

In that time, along with his wife – Jerry has been travelling the globe and enjoying his ‘Golden Years’. Does this mean drumming is not part of his life anymore? Au contraire …

Listen as Mr. Mercer explains his education in Cuba, his influences as a youngster and his pride in his two sons. Both of whom are drummers themselves …

Enjoy and stay tuned for part four !