Rick Keene Music Scene – Now That I Have Your Attention …

Songs,songs and more songs…

As I take a small break from interviews, I give you tunes that may be essential to your well being. One song, one note can mean the difference between enjoying your day or screaming at your kids.

Music is that important.

Have a listen below to some great tunes and some insight into ?

Smoke Meat Pete Here !

Rick Keene Music Scene – Sandy Horne Talks Past, Present and Future of The Spoons

Growing up fast …

That is exactly what happened to a bunch of ‘kids’ from Burlington, Ontario. How many people or musicians do you know of that were on the first episode of Much Music?

Please listen below to my chat with original member and bassist Sandy Horne. Hear some great tunes off the new album; New Day New World.

Sandy? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Christina Martin Takes On The Subject of Addiction on Latest Album

Music heals. Yet not always …

Christina Martin, the multi-award winning Canadian singer / songwriter appears to be on a mission. A socially-conscience trip which has her doing her part to get messages to the masses.

Her latest disc offers a tune relating to the rising Fentanyl addiction / problem plaguing our society. Lungs are Burning is a heart-warming, painful reminder that people must step up or else accept the dire consequences.

Please listen below to my chat with Christina and hear some great tunes from the album Impossible To Hold

Christina? What’s up?

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Strangers in the Night 12 – A Smorgasbord of Music, Food and Randy Bachman !

Strangers in the Night is one of ‘those’ ideas …

image002 (1)


A creation to do some good which grows until ‘more space’ is not so much an inquiry, it becomes a necessity.

Such is the case with the charity event which is entering it’s 12th year.

Headliner Randy Bachman – – The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.


Past headliners have been … well, why don’t you have a listen below.

Larry Day, the founder of

Strangers in the Night

explains everything !

Larry? What’s Happening ?


Listen to Randy Bachman Explain his New Album Below !



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