Taurey Butler; Making His Way – Oscar Peterson Style …Part one

Taurey Butler is a funny guy …

He just happens to be one of the best piano players in Montreal and North America. No wonder.

He discovered a bond with Oscar Peterson the very first time he listened to one of Peterson’s CDs. A feeling which changed his life. A feeling which is currently changing many people’s lives who have had the pleasure of seeing Taurey Butler play.

The rest is history being made

Taurey …?


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Peter Murray – From Down Under; Courtesy of The Tragically Hip

Peter Murray is not a household name in Canada. Yet …

pete-murray-pete-murrayThe native Australian is just starting to make waves in North America after selling close to two million records in the land of Kangaroos and Koalas.

An astonishing number of discs. Astonishing he has not been heard around these parts. Astonishing ( for the ladies ) he has not been seen in these parts.

Find out why and his connection to The Tragically Hip below and listen to this fantastic ‘new’ artist who compares himself vocally to Jack Johnson.

Vocally but that is where the comparison ends …

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Peter is opening up for The Tragically Hip’s Paul Langois on Friday Nov. 22nd at Petit Campus.