Sarah Slean is On T.V.

Sarah Hope Slean (born 21 June 1977 in Pickering, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwritermusicianpoetvisual artist and occasional actress. She has released eleven albums to date (including EPs and live albums). She has been on television.

Saturday night – she will be again. After all, Everybody is on T.V. – right?

Please listen below as Sarah explains the meaning behind the above-mentioned song title as well as her upcoming television appearance. She also talks about spirituality, her never-ending tour and when her fans can expect a new album.

Sarah …?

Please visit Sarah right here!

( well, her site anyways …)

Lawrence Gowan; ‘ I Would Have Been an Astronaut …’

Lawrence Gowan aka Gowan – is a ‘Scot‘ at heart ….


Born in Scotland and transplanted to Ontario ( Scarborough) as a child, the writer of one of the best Canadian ballads of all time ( Criminal Mind), is a man well-traveled.

Whether mixing his first album in England at the very same place Lennon recorded Imagine or jamming’ with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and The Band for Ronnie Hawkins‘ birthday bash – this classically trained pianist is at a happy place right now. Being part of one of the top grossing touring acts in the past ten years – does that to a man …

Since ‘officially’ joining Styx in 1999 – Gowan is enjoying a combination of high-octane rock n roll via the band’s catalog along with his signature songs. A perfect fit for a man whose stage presence fills a void . A hole placed in Styx when Dennis DeYoung departed. A band-aid which became a permanent ‘scar’ ….

Gowan explains his experience, Styx’s ‘double fantasy’ and the group’s upcoming show in

Montreal on November 17 at L’Olympia Theater.

Please visit Gowan’s site here !

Visit Styx here!


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