Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Seven

Dave the Bartender deals with all sorts of characters, then, he goes to work.

He toils in the one occupation which is everything rolled into one. Doctor, lawyer, psychologist, nurse … there is not a piece of advice which Dave the Bartender has not relayed to the average working Joe … or, average radio interviewer for the CBC by the name of Gomeshi.




Please listen as Dave the Bartender answers your musical questions …

Dave the Bartender ?






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Top Ten Blues Guitarists – Part Two

Here we are …

The final five. The top four leading to the number one Blues guitarist.

Agree? Disagree …?

That is the problem. No one will ever agree on the contents of a top ten list.

Here are the TOP TEN Blues Guitarists …

10. Buddy Guy

9. Eric Clapton

8. Otis Rush

7. Elmore James

6. Muddy Waters

5. B.B King

King is credited with changing the way a Blues guitar player played the Blues. Buddy Guy is adamant that if not for King – the Blues would have never have picked up speed at the time and enter into the popularity of not only the Blues – Rock n Roll. Along with Otis Rush – instrumental in ‘bending’of the chords. A staple in Rock guitarists to this day.


4. Roy Buchanan

Buchanan’s legacy is tainted with controversy. It is also painted with such beautiful and jaw -dropping playing. A man ahead of his time and – not unlike Robert Johnson and so many other Blues players, tortured by demons. Clapton has called Buchanan the greatest Blues guitarist he has ever heard. What else can be said ….?


3. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Vaughan’s legacy and ‘feel’ for the Blues – cut short tragically. Poetically. The greats are supposed to disappear in their prime, not allowing Mother Nature to interfere with the hands of time. Vaughn’s playing – a ‘shake your head moment’ for everyone who was at one point – considered the best. Guy, Clapton, King – Vaughn’s playing utterly transcending their own playing into different worlds …


2. Peter Green

What can be said about Peter Green that has not been said? Everything …

The most ( generally) underrated and unheard of man on the list. A pure player who preceded Vaughn and Buchanan. The best Blues player to come out of England. A man whose star – stamped out too soon. In many ways …


1. Robert Johnson

Johnson did so many things for the first time – in a short time, it is hard to fathom any of the above players existing in any form without him. Lightning – fast fingers, gritty – dirty chords, sweet riffs combined with living the Blues everyday. A pre-cursor to the shenanigans of Keith Richards and the excesses which killed many in the music business. A legendary conundrum.


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