Ask Dave the Bartender – Easter Bunny Streaking?

Dave the Bartender is a busy guy …

Then – he goes to work as a bartender.


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Not only does he see and hear everything, Dave the Bartender knows everything he sees and hears. A lethal combination of knowledge and / or hearsay.

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers your musical questions.




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Jerry Mercer – As The Years Go By; Part Five

In this segment of my interview with Jerry Mercer – the drummer discusses opening up for the Rolling Stones, hearing Janis Joplin sing from the heart and thoughts on April Wine’s late great bass player; Jimmy Clench.

He also talks about the downside of being a performer and the loneliness that sometimes comes with it …

Please enjoy this latest installment. Very insightful and poignant for any musician or music fan. Part six will follow …