Watch Elvis Leave the Building !

Presented for the first time in Montreal! RETURN TO GRACE Premiere on June 15  8 p.m.  Place des Arts evenko presents for the first time in Montreal, RETURN TO GRACE from June 15 to June 19, at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. A  glorious, heartfelt tribute to Elvis Presley’ s music featuring Steve Michaels,  and over 30 singers, […]

Edwin Brownell – ‘Classical’ Rock; Part Three

In the conclusion (for now) of my talk with Edwin – the pianist discusses his upcoming album launch at Place des Arts as well as working with Jerry Mercer of April Wine fame. His new album is titled; Forever Laughter. A concept not too far removed from Edwin’s personality. Take it away Mr. Brownell … […]

Edwin Brownell – ‘Classical’ Rock Part One

Edwin Orion Brownell is no ordinary pianist … Classically-raised, classically -trained and a connoisseur of music. The guy exudes passion and love for music done right. Whether he is performing at Place des Arts or before a dozen seniors – Edwin is a pure entertainer. Please listen to part one of my interview as Edwin […]

Devin Cuddy – His Own man …

Devin Cuddy is the son of Jim Cuddy. Same last name, same love of music. That is where the connection stops. Sorta … Devin Cuddy is on his own. Being the elder son in the Cuddy family, his independence is not new in the family scheme of things. “All older sons are fiercely independent …” […]

Top Ten Concerts of 2012

It is unfair to list top ten shows since every artist or artists give their all each time they play. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad on any given night. Here are the top ten shows which I enjoyed the most in 2012 … 10. Lee Mellor Lee’s show was high energy and […]