Rick Keene Music Scene – Montreal Jazz Festival Preview For Your Listening Pleasure

Let’s get ready to rumble ! Er … rumba …?

The Jazz Festival of Montreal, the largest of it’s kind and celebrating it’s fortieth anniversary – gets underway officially today !

Have a listen below to some of the artists that will be performing !

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The League of Rock Montreal; And a One … And a Two …

They say, practice makes perfect.

If that is the case, then no-one is perfect because even guys like April Wine’s guitarist Brian Greenway keep practicing ….


Greenway is the first ‘Rock Star’ coach to participate in The League of Rock Montreal’s first rehearsal which took place this past Wednesday at Studio Musico Practik in Verdun.

An initial meeting of the instruments ( and minds) …



Under the watchful eyes of Montreal President Gary Johnston, the boys and woman – were locked away inside four beautiful studio rooms on de L’eglise Avenue for a night of hard work.

With Brian Greenway making the rounds and spending time with each group,’ lessons learned’ and ‘lessons earned’ became the catchphrase for the night.


Local guys such as Ed Booth, a player who just past middle age, decided to live his dream and start playing music. Suddenly, he is knocking elbows with Greenway and loving  the learning  of it.

Josh Van Sprang, Martin Jaz, Murray Rappel, Gregory Gallagher and Jordan Gosselin – just a few of the musicians from various backgrounds, playing levels and ages, together at The League of Rock Montreal. All with one common goal. To become one with their band-mates whom they met for the first time last week.


Greenway, upon completion of the last session, exited the studio room with a smile larger than Lasalle. The April Wine guitarist clearly energized by the vibes taking place among virtual strangers a week ago.

“The beauty of the League of Rock is not knowing what will arrive from the nine weeks of rehearsing and a couple of gigs leading to the final showcase. ” Says League President and CEO Gary Johnston. ” That’s why it is important to focus on a couple of songs right away. Too many choices will not allow for any song to be performed and developed properly.”


Heavy Metal could be heard from one studio. A cover of a Rolling Stones’ tune from another. The only thing not heard in the first ten minutes may have been ‘Smoke on the Water’. Surprisingly ( or not)  – Deep Purple’s iconic song, too simple for the bands (?)

An indication this batch of musicians are advanced in their playing or not fans of Deep Purple. Either way, nothing caught fire.


The second rehearsals are taking place this coming Wednesday. The guys and gal have no excuses left to not put their fingers to the chords and their feet to the bass pedals. All intros are over. All nerves should be settled and not ‘torn and frayed’.

It is time to get down to some serious business at …

The League of Rock Montreal !



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Mathew and Jill Barber Keep Family Values Alive With New Album

Mathew and Jill Barber are brother and sister. 


Both – possessing very solid solo careers on their own but face it, family is family …


All these years later, the pair of siblings have finally recorded an album together and it is a feel good story. ‘The Family Album’ combines folk music with sentimental values – the album is an open door to heartwarming lyrics and melodies.

Please listen below as Mathew explains the album and his relationship with his younger sister.

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !


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Justin Rutledge – Former Juno Award Winner is Heading ‘ East ‘.

Justin Rutledge – at one point, wanted to be a writer.


A Juno Award down the road, things have not gone Justin’s way. Or – have they?

 Please listen below to hear some new tunes from Justin’s album East and hear his thoughts on bar-tending?

Justin? What’s up?

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What’s The Talk on The Turnpike ? The Word on the Street ?

As usual – a lot happening in Montreal !


The Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge got underway last night and The League of Rock started  it’s first Chapter in Montreal !

There are a lot of shows coming – the Jazz All Year Round Series and Evenko are busy as usual and a bevy of local acts are playing everywhere !

Montreal is a great music city cropped-logo-e1470902389800.jpg


Please listen below to what is coming on Rick Keene Music Scene and hear some great tunes !

Talk Soon !



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Jason Rockman is Not ‘Horse’ – Slaves on Dope’s Latest Album Feat. Lee-La Baum of The Damn Truth

If you enjoy Rock music in Montreal – Jason Rockman is your man !


Aside from his duties at Chom – Fm , Jason is also the front man in the local band-done-good, Slaves On Dope.

Twenty-three years ago the band was  formed and shortly after, signed by Sharon Osbourne to Ozzy’s record label. It’s been an up and down career culminating with what is probably

Slaves on Dope’s finest album. 



Please listen below as Jason talks about the history of his band and also the making of the new disc.

Jason? What’s Up?


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Ready Steve? Andy …. ? Nick …? Alright Fellas … LET’S Go ! The League of Rock Montreal is Underway !

The League of Rock, Montreal Chapter – has begun … 


Following successful ongoing stints in Ottawa and Toronto, The League of Rock is underway in Montreal.

 Following a very intense marketing and promotional campaign, Montreal chapter president Gary Johnston has finally got his men (and woman).

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnston

     The number of musicians required to place four bands ‘in tune’ has been obtained (with two contest winners added to the mix). These artists, met for the first time on Wednesday evening at The Bier Markt in downtown Montreal. The stage is set and all that is needed now – is for the bands to start playing!


The League of Rock is quite the concept.

Musicians who do not have an opportunity to play regularly yet think or know they are very talented, have an opportunity to make something of themselves ( OR BANDS). 

Tossed together quicker than a salad – to – go, it is make or break time. 

Starting next week, when they re-converge at Musico Pratik Studios for their first rehearsals and continuing until the Grande Finale on November 30th –  Steve, Andy and Nick have no time to screw around ( alright fellas … let’s go )!


 All in all, there are four rehearsals before the bands have an opportunity to display their talents at Showcase Number One on November 2nd. If the first showcase does not go as planned, no worries, there are two more chances left to tune the guitars and light the drummer on fire (kidding). A pair of rehearsals interwoven with two more showcases to come.

The beauty of The League of Rock? 

Professional musicians such as Brian Greenway (April Wine) and Nanette Workman ( back-up singer on the Stones’ Honky Tonk Woman and Brown Sugar) a star in French music in Montreal and Quebec.

 Both will be on hand to advise the bands.

 Seasoned coaches – passing their years of experience on to a bunch of ‘raw’ musicians looking to record a CD and ultimately – a DVD of their final performance on November 30th.


There is no time to fool around. Literally no time to joke and laugh outside of the context of music. After all – these musicians have met for the first time and exchanging recipes for Mom’s Apple Pie – not a very good idea if they wish to compete with the other three bands and enhance their skills.

Concentration and songs chosen will be the two tools which place band ‘A’ over band ‘C’.


Young and old, the participants of The League of Rock have one common ground. A love for music no matter their favorite genre . Music will be the ultimate factor in deciding the songs chosen to sculpt and form into  individual masterpieces.

As in any group, whether it be family, the workplace or on the playground – egos must be checked in order for a cohesive unit to create and aspire to the greatest heights possible. Egos must be checked in order for creativity and pleasure to soar.


For the next ten weeks, follow The League of Rock once a week on

Rick Keene Music Scene. 

Everything required, including fantastic photos by James St. Laurent , will be provided in mapping out the progress taking place.

The League of Rock, Montreal Chapter – has begun … 

Check out the four bands below !

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Myriam Phiro; Taking Several ‘ Voyages ‘ on Her New Album !

Myriam Phiro has one of those voices …


A combination of softness, tenderness and brassiness. All blended perfectly to fit with whatever she decides to sing.

Following a very successful tour paying homage to her idol Edith Piaf, Myriam released her album Voyages’  in 2015 in America.

On September 29th – it is Canada’s turn to hear the tracks live at Upstairs Bar and Grill in Montreal. 


Please listen below to some of those tunes and hear what Myriam has to say about the album and her plans.

Myriam? What’s Up?


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