Rick Keene Music Scene; A Tribute to Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean will be missed … He will be missed by his family, his coworkers and his Vinyl Cafe family. Sorely and immensely. He will also be missed by the world of the curious and the fans of human nature. Seldom does a storyteller come around who can tug at the heartstrings without utilizing propaganda. […]

Rick Keene Music Scene; Sunny Tunes for Sunny Daze

We know ’em – we love ’em … Classic Rock tunes have a special place in our hearts. Some conjure images of a first kiss, others – that first sip of beer. Memories created with a special soundtrack to the soul. The foundation for a lifelong affair with music. Regular folk ain’t the only ones […]

Rick Keene Music Scene – Tunes to Make Your Day

Music …  It cures and soothes. Make sure you buy it and not get it for free. Don’t live in the past and support new music. Where would we be right now if nobody supported The Beatles, Stones and everyone who came after? Please listen below to some great tunes by various artists. Support singers […]