Michel Pagliaro; Quebec’s Greatest Songwriter?

 Michel Pagliaro is a legend in Quebec …

Anglophone artists, Francophone artists – any genre, unconsciously or consciously affected  by ‘Pag’.

Rarely do artists create such a vast ‘society affecting’ songbook in a quick period of time. The Guess Who, Dylan,The Beatles, The Stones,Elvis and Pag.

For this reason, it is fitting after all these years for a tribute album. Eleven of Pagliaro’s songs performed by twelve Quebec artists. A brilliant CD package for immense listening pleasure.


Carl Bastien supervises a disc long overdue. A void within the borders is now filled. Pag and Gerry Boulet can now walk hand in hand across the Plains of Abraham.

Please listen below to some tunes from Pag Revisited.

Visit Pag Here !

Rick Keene Music Scene – ‘Happy’ 76th Birthday Keith Richards

Elegantly wasted.

The man voted number one as ‘mostly likely to die’ for a decade and a half. The writer and co-writer of over 400 songs. The guy responsible for keeping Rock n Roll guitar alive in the keyboard driven decade of the eighties.

Keith Richards or Keef as he is very affectionately known is a man of musical and life integrity. ‘Black and White’ is how he sees most things and his wisdom on ‘Life’ as he let us know in his book of the same title – has no equal.

Please listen below to a few selected tracks from Keith’s solo work and a couple of classic Stones’tunes.

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The Rolling Stones Here

Smoke Meat Pete Here

Rick Keene Music Scene – Barb Diab Talks New Album and Working with B.B. King’s Longtime Drummer

Local singer and Blues lover Barb Diab has come a long way.

A teacher by trade, Barb’s love and passion for The Blues has transported her to places beyond her imagination. It just goes to show ya – follow your dream and one day your dreams may follow you.

Please listen below to my chat with Barb about her second album Mojo Woman and what it was like working with B.B. King’s longtime drummer Tony Coleman.

Barb? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Colin James ‘Returns’ Home

Ya think you know somebody …

For many of the audience attending Colin James’ show at the Montreal Jazz Festival – the fact that Colin once lived in Montreal for a year and a half, came as a surprise.

James recanted the tales of living in Lachine and Verdun and busking in the Metros. He also told stories of many gigs in this city. Places such as Bourbon Street North and West along with The Club Sodas (among others). If the audience were not already in love with Colin – they were now. In a weird way, the prodigal son returned home at Place des Arts.

James is on tour right now following his recent win for Blues Album of the Year at this year’s Junos. Miles To Go is the name of the disc and if Colin wants to achieve longevity – The Blues may be the road to travel. Sadly – even though James has put out record after record of solid Rock / Pop albums, classic Rock stations (or any radio station for that matter), refuse to play new music by classic Rock / Pop guys. Colin and his mates rolled out all of his genres last night. Take that Classic Rock radio !

Joined by Canada’s best harmonica player Steve Marriner (Monkey Junk, Harry Manx) both on disc and live – Colin and his band parlayed a vast catalog along with some new / old covers into a solid set. A wall of sound engulfed Place des Arts with piercing guitars and piercing horns. The combination of the two; a two punch bordering on a Rock show.

Five Long Years and Why’d You Lie reminded the older folks of a different time in music. A time when Blues joined Pop. Eighties music in all it’s glory. It Takes Time, One More Mile and Soul of a Man reminded folks of what most of them missed before they were born. The set-list was a perfect combination of the blending of different styles of Blues and how essential the sound is to success in any era.

James’ return to the Jazz Festival came full circle as the Jazz Festival was one of Colin’s first gigs thirty years.

James appears to be in transition mode as he decides which route to travel in his career. Colin has always been some sort of a chameleon that way. Stopping at the Rock door, the Blues door and the Big band door. What we witnessed last night was a vagrant James with no welcome mat at any door. The show had all the earmarks of a show yet somehow, there was a feeling that James can do better. Somehow – Colin will reemerge shortly with a new found love of a different sound.

Perhaps a move to Montreal, the most vibrant place for music in Canada would help? Why not? Colin’s twenty one year old son is going to Concordia. A trip by Colin via Metro to visit him (with guitar in hand) may do the trick for Colin.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Marillion Drummer Ian Mosley; The Beat Goes On. Part Two

What is the process of recording Marillion songs?

Marillion drummer Ian Mosley invites punters into the world of Marillion in Part Two and also discusses his feelings about Steve Hackett of Genesis fame.

Ian’s thoughts on retirement also come up along with advice to up and coming drummers.

Please listen below to Part Two of my chat with Ian about his life as a drummer and his new book. Keep in mind – if Ian owes you money, he won’t respond.

Ian? What’s up?

Buy Tickets For Montreal Marillion Weekend here !

Rick Keene Music Scene – Marillion Drummer Ian Mosley; The Beat Goes On …

What kid does not bang on things?

Marillion drummer Ian Mosley was one of those kids and unlike many – the now sixty-five year old Brit has not stopped.

Banging the skins with Marillion since 1984, Ian’s musical education commenced long before that. Privy to up close and personal performances by the likes of Buddy Rich, Ian is schooled in drumming.

Please listen below to Part One of my chat with Ian about his life as a drummer and his new book. Keep in mind – if Ian owes you money, he won’t respond.

Ian? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – T.Nile; Swallowing Music Profoundly In New Album Beachfires

Music is in the genes.

T Nile 2014 @ Rebecca Blissett Photography All Rights Reserved

As a child, T.Nile traveled around with her father who was a street entertainer. It did not take Tamara long to figure out she was also a performer. A combination of classic music training and genes has gifted Tamara with songs in her soul. It is a work in progress that shows no signs of slowing down.

Please listen below to my chat with T. Nile and hear some great tunes from the new album; Beachfires.

Tamara? What’s Up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – The Damn Truth Deliver The Damn Truth !

It is a lot of fun watching a seed grow

For the fans of Rock n Roll in Montreal – watching The Damn Truth emerge from seedlings in the garden of Montreal music has been – thus far, satisfactory. Yet in the immortal words of one of Rock music’s founding fathers; “I can’t get no …”

Lee-La Baum

Obtaining ‘satisfaction’ as a Rock outfit is beyond reach if you take your craft seriously. Perfection is striven for yet always just out of a finger’s touch. That is the ingredient which separates bands with success and those without. Constantly working hard.

Montreal’s The Damn Truth have had more success in the Montreal Rock n Roll scene than anyone in the past five years. Touring with ZZ Top and opening for Styx – just two achievements reached. Working with top level producers and engineers; a couple more pats on the back. The latest notch in their guitar straps? Touring Quebec with the critically acclaimed band The Sheepdogs.

Tom Shemerr

In 2012, the CD Dear in The Headlights was released. It was the beginning of numerous radio appearances and live shows which introduced the band to Montreal and eventually; the world. It was the beginning of introducing Lee -La Baum’s infectious energy and chameleon-like vocals. It was the start of showcasing Tom Shemerr’s raw piercing guitar riffs and groundbreaking solos. Drummer Dave Traina’s hard driving beats and unique rhythms a la Bonham. Newcomer PY Letellier on bass – grounds it all in slightly sloppy, groovy vehicule. All in all, the city of Montreal was introduced to a talented Rock outfit with an endless amount of work ethic and hunger.

Shemerr, Baum

Fast forward to MTelus on a cold January evening 2019 – nothing has changed onstage. The Damn Truth still perform as if it was their very first show and their musical life ( career) depended on the outcome. Success has not reached the ears of the band. If it has, then their love and passion for what they do – easily dismisses the accolades as a monkey dismisses a fly.

Lee-La Baum

Whether pounding out tunes such as I Want You (He’s a Lightweight) or Kinda Awkward from their rookie CD to new tracks off their 2016 album Devlish Folk – one thing remains the same; the fans’ reaction.

Dave Traina

There is something in the air when The Damn Truth play their hometown. It is beyond hometown support and /or love. It is beyond great tunes. It is superior to a Rock show. What The Damn Truth bring to the stage (aside from energy) is honesty. Integrity oozes through their sweat and into the first row. From there, like an epidemic – it is passed throughout the venue. The most jaded of music fans cannot dodge the bite of the band’s vicious and truthful fangs.

In this day and age of auto-tune, loops and programmed music, The Damn Truth are throwbacks to an era when music mattered more than the money. The days like the Fillmore West when the East Coast Blues, Funk and Country guys met and blended with the California music scene. The days (and nights) when those musicians talked about creativity and making great music. The days when bands played for the fans from the heart.

An audience cannot be fooled. An audience knows when a performer is real or calling it in. An audience knows authenticity. The Damn Truth are the real deal and that is why the audiences grow larger and larger at The Damn Truth shows.

The audiences cannot get satisfaction.

Visit The Damn Truth Here !

Photos courtesy of Ron Roxtar

Stay Tuned for my Sheepdogs Review !

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Lawrence Gowan is Poised To Conquer Quebec. Again !

Quebec loves their Prog Rock guys and the Prog Rock guys love Quebec.


It is hard to say exactly when Quebec’s love affair with Gowan began. It is not hard to say however why it started in the first place.

Quebec audiences historically love the oddballs. The creative spirits who demonstrate something that Quebecers (especially Francophones) love to see.


Artistically, men like Chris de Burgh and Peter Gabriel conquered Quebec  passionately with their art. Gowan is no different. 

Please listen below to my chat with Gowan as he is on the verge of ‘attacking’ Quebec once more. It won’t be the last time as relationships this profound – tend to last eternally.

Gowan? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Prieur & Landry; Breathing Fresh Air Into Quebec Music

A band became a duo …

Gabriel Prieur and Eliot Landry have been friends since Cegep.

Growing up (in the words of Gabriel) in the ‘woods’, helped to create a musical partnership fresh with ideas and a love for Rock n Roll, Blues and Grunge.

Please listen below to my chat with Gabriel Prieur. Official CD launch is January 31st.

Gabriel? What’s happening?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Multi-Instrumentalist Tom Gimbel Talks Foreigner’s New Sound

Foreigner, the band who everyone has heard of …

I Want To Know What Love Is, Cold As Ice, Juke Box Hero and so many hits embedded into the souls of music fans of all genres.

The legendary rock band have a tour which is coming to Montreal on

March 12th !

Foreigner’s 18-city tour launches in Vancouver on February 22nd and rocks across Canada as the band – Mick Jones (lead guitar), Kelly Hansen (lead vocals), Tom Gimbel (rhythm guitar, sax, vocals), Jeff Pilson (bass, vocals), Michael Bluestein (keyboards), Bruce Watson (guitar) and Chris Frazier (drums) – bring Foreigner’s arsenal of hits to Canada.

Please listen below to my chat with multi-instrumentalist Tom Gimbel. Aside from his current job – Tom once toured with Van Halen as their sax player. Who knew?

Tom ? What’s up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Artist Nominations For Gala Trille Or 2019 ( Franco-Canadian)

L’Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM) announced the nominations for the 10th edition of the Gala Trille Or.

The gala is an opportunity for Franco-Canadian artists to shine. Seventy-six performers and industry professionals from across Canada are nominated in twenty-nine categories.

1. Artiste Solo

Damien Robitaille
Étienne Fletcher
Mélissa Ouimet

2. Groupe

Amélie et Les Singes Bleus
Georgian Bay
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds
Les Rats d’Swompe

3. Auteur.e et/ou compositeur.trice

Cindy Doire
Damien Robitaille
Étienne Fletcher

4. Album

Alexis Normand – Alexis Normand
Céleste Lévis – Donne-moi le temps
Cindy Doire – Panorama
Damien Robitaille – Univers Parallèles
Mclean – Une dernière fois

5. EP

Billy Love Band – Billy Love Band
Étienne Fletcher – Face A
Marie-Clo – Faune
Mélissa Ouimet – Amours jetables
Vaero – Le nœud

6. Album de l’Acadie

Julie Aubé – Joie de vivre
Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire – Viens avec moi
Shaun Ferguson – Résilience
Simon Daniel – Nightcrawler
Vishtèn – Horizons

7. Découverte (artiste ou groupe)

Étienne Fletcher
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds
Les Rats d’Swompe

8. Découverte de l’Acadie (artiste ou groupe)

Chloé Brault
Émilie Landry
Julie Aubé
Marty pis les Roots
Pierre Guitard

9. Chanson primée

Damien Robitaille – Tout feu, tout flamme
Étienne Fletcher – Chérie, Chéri
Mélissa Ouimet – Amours jetables
Rayannah – En attendant demain
YAO – Nomades

10. Spectacle

Damien Robitaille
Les Rats d’Swompe
Mehdi Cayenne
Règlement 17

11. Artiste solo ou groupe – Jazz

Janie Renée
Lucie D et les immortels
Suzanne Kennelly

12. Artiste solo ou groupe – Rock

Étienne Fletcher
Les Rats d’Swompe
Mélissa Ouimet

13. Artiste solo ou groupe – Roots

Georgian Bay

14. Artiste solo ou groupe – Musique urbaine


15. Artiste solo ou groupe – Pop

Cindy Doire
Damien Robitaille
Loig Morin

16. Coup de cœur des médias

Billy Love Band
Damien Robitaille
Georgian Bay
Les Rats d’Swompe

17. Export Ontario

Céleste Lévis
Damien Robitaille
Mehdi Cayenne

18. Export Ouest

Étienne Fletcher
Justin Lacroix
Shawn Jobin

19. Export Acadie

Caroline Savoie
Danny Boudreau
Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire

20. Export Québec

Cherry Chérie
Klô Pelgag
Les Tireux d’Roches

21. Initiative artistique
LeFLOFRANCO – #HautesVibrations

William Burton – Le Réveil
Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta (RAFA) – Nouveau Monde
Le R Premier – Planète Urbaine
Buzz Fortin – Session Buzz Fortin

22. Vidéoclip

Étienne Fletcher – Chérie, Chéri (réalisation : little jack films et brandon white)
Jacobus – Ma vie c’est un movie (réalisation : STEREO Films)
Marie-Clo – Taudis (réalisation : Groupe Média TFO)
Rayannah – En attendant demain (réalisation : Rayannah)
Shawn Jobin – Éléphant (réalisation :  Xavier MC / Vandales)

23. Présence web

Céleste Levis
Damien Robitaille
Les Rats d’Swompe

24. Conception visuelle

Aya Gano et Jeff Homère pour LeFLOFRANCO – Retranscrire
Christian Pelletier pour Mclean – Une dernière fois
Christian Pelletier et Marc Étienne Mongrain pour Damien Robitaille – Univers Parallèles
Élodie Evanno et Gabrielle Dubois pour Moonfruits – Ste-Quequepart
Gaëtan Vëno Joachim pour YAO – Lapsus

25. Réalisation et arrangements

Loig Morin pour Loig Morin – La Rivière
Mario Lepage pour Shawn Jobin – Éléphant
Mark Howard pour Cindy Doire – Panorama
Olivier Fairfield pour Marie-Clo – Faune
Olivier Fairfield et Simon Jutras pour Mclean – Une dernière fois

26. Prise de son et mixage

Don Benedictson pour Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire – Je deviens le loup
Don Benedictson pour Suzanne Kennelly – Suzanne Kennelly Jazz
Frédéric Levac et Marc-Antoine Joly pour Céleste Lévis – Donne-moi le temps
Loig Morin pour Loig Morin – La Rivière
Sébastien Perry et Stéphane Rancourt pour Mclean – Une dernière fois

27. Émission musicale télé ou web

Balade – Machine Gum Productions
Balade à Toronto IV – Machine Gum Productions
FrancoMusique – Roch et Catherine Archambault
Session Buzz Fortin – Buzz Fortin
Suivez-moi – Sabine Daniel Productions

28. Entreprise

36 Mille – Mathilde Hountchégnon
Intello-Productions inc. – Yaovi Hoyi
JKB Communications – José Bertrand
LaFab Musique – Michel Bénac– Nathalie Kleinschmit

29. Diffuseur

Centre Culturel Frontenac
Festival du Bois – Centre francophone de Maillardville
Festival Edmonton chante
Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver

30. Prix bâtisseur

(nominations dévoilée le 26 mars)

31. Prix hommage

(récipiendaire annoncé.e le 26 mars)

Visit  Trille Or Here




Rick Keene Music Scene -Sass Jordan Releases Her Own Brand of Kick Ass Wine

Is there anything Sass Jordan can’t do?


Singer, songwriter, actress, judge, wife and Mother -Sass’ tasks are unique and numerous. Yet why stop there?

Jordan (currently working on an album of new material), has somehow found the time to release her own brand of wine. Kick Ass Sass White 2016 and Kick Ass Sass Red 2017.

For Sass, Rock n Roll and wine go hand in hand. 

Please listen below to my chat with Sass about The Maples Inn, the reason for the wine and how the idea came about.

Sass? What’s up?

Visit Sass Here !




Rick Keene Music Scene – Some of the Best Music Shows in January

Christmas is gone and New Year’s celebrations are fading into either good or bad memories.

The winter blues can be overtaken by getting out and socializing. Music is your dancing partner.

Here are just a few shows you may consider and click on the links to check out full schedules.


January 12 Panic! At The Disco 

Place Bell, Laval
7:00 PM

January 25th The Sheepdogs & The Damn Truth

MTELUS, Montreal
8:00 PM

January 26th Bryan Adams In Concert

Bell Centre, Montreal
8:00 PM

Visit Evenko Here!



January 17, 8 p.m. French Quarter

Enzo Carniel House of Echo / Florian Pellissier Quintet invite Roger Raspail / Bibi Tanga & The Selenites

L’Astral (Maison du Festival)


January 10th Taurey Butler Trio at 7pm.

People often comment on Taurey Butler’s resemblance to the young Oscar Peterson, in appearance as well as his winning combination of hard swing and melodic invention. Gratifying as it may be, he backs away from the compliment. There’s only one Oscar, he says. But there is no question that the one Oscar Peterson had a profound effect on Taurey’s life and his music.


House of Jazz


Snooksta and The Gangstas

January 30th 7pm 

Snooksta and The Gangstas

Snooky was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in a small city called Woonsocket in Rhode Island. At the early age of 6, he began humming and singing songs to his mother while keeping the drumming beat going with his mouth. Even then, at that young age, music was in his bones. So, his journey began into the wonderful world of drumming. Upon arrival in Montreal, Quebec, he met an extremely talented and well known performer by the name of Freddy James. He later became his drummer and back-up vocalist in his dance R&B band, known as Fusion 3. For the next 6 to 7 years, they toured Japan, Africa, USA and Canada.

When the Freddy James era was over, he continued to successfully perform in night clubs, gospel choirs, and worked with other great musicians in studios. By the spring of 2010 he stayed in Montreal to work and finish writing another CD. He started playing regularly at the House of Jazz with Geraldine Hunt: His quartet,Snooksta and The Gangstas – became one of the headliners at the House of Jazz.


To Order Rickkeene2@gmail.com


If you love Live Blues – visit

Smoke Meat Pete.com

In February – check out Wave 21 Live Here !

One of Montreal’s Best young bands. Listen below to Interview !







Rick Keene Music Scene – 2018 Year in Review Part Seven

As the year wound down – the music wound up.

Dweezil Zappa, son of Frank – stopped by to chat about his upcoming Montreal show and the legacy of his Father. Given the notoriety of Frank Zappa’s humor in music and lyrics, it was interesting to hear Dweezil’s take on everything not funny. The genius of Frank as a guitar player, a writer, a producer and an engineer taking forefront of the chat. Zappa’s tune Bobby Brown was the summation of all parts for Dweezil noting that song was a Top Ten hit in Europe while North America banned it from radio play. Says Dweezil; ‘It was the most requested song on Valentine’s Day and at College and high school dances.’

Maybe it is time North America relaxed?

Local nurse Chantal Guimond released her dreams.

A Blues and Rock fan her entire life, Chantal put out a CD with covers of her favorite tunes as well as a couple of originals. Combined with a great backing band and a fantastic vocal range – Chantal ( who is retiring soon) has a nice career in front of her. Judging by the reaction of her first live appearance – sick people may have a different location to go and get healed.

Angela Harris took time to chat about her new album; A Woman Like Me. It is one of the purest ‘rootsy’ albums released in the past ten years in Canada. Combining Country, Folk and Rock with a powerful voice – Angela may be the most talented singer and songwriter in Canada. And – she has only really just begun.

Speaking of talented singer and songwriters – Barbra Lica is up to her tricks again. This time – Lica made a wrong turn and ended up putting out a superb Country disc. She went to a songwriter’s convention without knowing the folks who were putting it on were from Nashville. Well, as they say – the rest is history and Barbra released one of the best albums of her career thus far.

Joe Louis Walker ( friends with Hendrix and roommates with the late Mike Bloomfield) sat down to chat about his latest disc. Joe is always informative in his chats and not only educates with words, his new songs are always pushing the limits in terms of Gospel and R&B. A great album if you want to know where people like Beyonce really come from.

Ontario youngster Max Parker took time to chat about his new songs and subsequent upcoming studio album. Max – although acknowledging the Justin Bieber connection via age and location – quick to point out he is his own man. Catchy riffs and a more Bluesy feel than Bieber – Max will not be repeating Bieber’s mistakes if he gets that big. The internet can be a good thing sometimes …

Rock /Pop legend Alan Parsons took time to chat (albeit briefly) about his first album in twenty years. The engineer, producer, writer and performer also discussed his DVD that has been implemented in Universities as a must have learning tool for studio recording. He also spoke of his friend and mentor – the late Geoff Emerich ( Beatles) and what Geoff meant to him. A great chat with a man who worked on Abbey Road, Let It Be and Pink Foyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

John Muirhead knows how to become friends with musicians. Just release an album about playing gigs in different cities and sleeping wherever you end up. John’s disc is a the beginning of a career that will bring him to the highest places. Songwriting is new to him and now that he has discovered to sing about the truth and what he knows – the musical sky is the limit for John …

Reuben ( Reuben and The Dark) stopped by just before hitting the road and coming to Montreal from BC. The chat revolved around his unique style and observations as a songwriter. Balancing the ebbs and flows of human emotion. The dark and the lights within and without. The band crashed their van outside Calgary on the way here and luckily none were seriously injured but some equipment was destroyed. Opening act ( in Montreal) John Jacob Magistery – saved the day and loaned Reuben and his mates what they needed. The show went on and it was a lesson in the rides of life – literally and figuratively.

It would not be complete on Rick Keene Music Scene without an annual chat with Steve Hackett of Genesis fame. This time – Steve spoke of Genesis’ landmark album Selling England by the Pound. Steve will be performing the album in it’s entirety in September 2019 in Montreal. The history of recording that album is a must hear for Genesis fans as things aren’t always what they seem.

Andy Kim took time out to chat about his induction onto Canada’s Walk of Fame. Combined with a resurgence of late with a critically acclaimed album; Andy’s fame is on the rise for the second time in his life. One of Canada’s greatest songwriters bares his soul and honesty for being ‘lucky’ in his life. A very humble and decent man .

Montreal’s own Justin Saladino won the Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge this year. Following in the footsteps of Steve Hill, Dawn Tyler Watson / Ben Racine Band and The Paul Deslauriers Band – Justin should take Memphis by storm. Hot on the heels of his most complete album to date (A Fool’s Heart), Saladino should be Quebec’s next global Blues / Rock star along with Jordan Officer.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – 2018 Year in Review Part Six

And the beat went on. And on … And on …


The weather cooled but the music did not.

Malcolm Bruce took time to speak of his band and what a band it is. Bruce is the son of legendary bass player Jack Bruce (Cream) and together with Eric Clapton’s nephew (Will Johns) and Ginger Baker’s son Kobi  – the trio are paying homage to Cream. But wait. it is not what you think. No cash grab here. In the words of Malcolm; ‘Most people know my Dad for Cream and that only lasted a couple of years. My job is to spread the generous legacy and body of work of my late dad.’


The Proclaimers stopped by Montreal and amazed everyone with their songwriting skills. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) is the song everyone loves but it is the Zombie-esque harmonies that set them apart and allow the twins to continue their musical path. One of  a few bands that get stronger as the show goes on.

Colin James took time out to chat about his new disc. Miles To Go is a throwback of the old Blues tunes that enamored the young James in the first place. James is continuing the trend among older Rockers ( Myles Goodwyn, The Stones, Randy Bachman)  to pay homage to the Blues greats and release a Blues cover CD.

Lindsay Beaver is a Nova Scotia native current;y absorbing her Blues / Country / Rockabilly chops in Nashville. Lindsay spoke of her first CD and subsequent American tour. A Canadian making waves as a songwriter, singer and drummer. Alligator record top man has personally embraced Lindsay which saying quite a bit.

Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion released a song (Holy Smoke) which is an indication of what very cool stuff is coming. Rather than release an EP or album – the band will be showcasing their stuff one song at a time. Not to be greedy but to market themselves. Their sound is a purposeful Muscle Shoals one and that live on the floor feeling knocks your socks off. Once you listen – all the ‘star’ bands in Montreal crumple with weakness.

Blues veteran Jack DeKeyzer took time to chat about his homage album to the Blues’ greats. Checkmate is the name of the disc and Jack is in fine form as he covers some of the greatest tunes in not only Blues history – Rock as well. 

How many people do you know that sell out stadiums and are the King ( musically) of their Country and then throw it all away for integrity?

Senri Oe of Japan is that guy. He was the darling of K Pop in Japan and was the Country’s equivalent of Michael Jackson. Senri loves Jazz so he  moved to America and went back to school to learn his Jazz chops. How cool is that ?




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Rick Keene Music Scene – 2018 Year in Review Part Five

And the beat went on …

2018 continued in August where it left off in July.

George Thorogood was back in Quebec for the second time in three months. Trois Rivieres en Blues was the setting this time around and the swagger returned. Thorogood was ‘safe’ at Place des Arts in Montreal and in Trois Rivieres; he discarded the condoms. Rock n Roll is dangerous and Lonesome George delivered.

Global Bluestrotter Harry Manx released an album with Canada’s best harp player Steve Marriner on board and Harry took time to chat about it. Marriner – fresh off touring with Colin James, adding an ingredient to Manx’ genius which complimented Harry’s style without taking anything away. Manx never sounded better.

TV’s Survivorman Les Stroud chatted about his new disc. A surprisingly sound album complete with menacing riffs and acute songwriting. Stroud’s insight into the environment taking control of the lyrics and musically, a blend of Neil Young and Bruce Cockburn  took place. A brilliant disc.

The lead singer of The Guess Who, Derek Sharp took time to discuss the first new Guess Who album in twenty years. Sharp (also the husband of Sass Jordan) co-wrote half of the tracks and co produced the album. A throwback Rock n Roll disc with swing. A relief in this day and age and proving once and for all – the ‘ old guys’ know how to do it …

Continuing The Guess Who trend – guitarist and producer Will Evankovich spoke of the new album and his role as principle songwriter. Will, a relative newcomer to the band, provided old school mentalities and astute precision to an album that was recorded on analog equipment. Will is hot considering he also co-wrote and produced Styx’ latest album The Mission.

Continuing the Canadian Blues legacy is one Spencer Mackenzie. The young lad from Ontario has already won New Artist of The Year at The Maple Blues Awards and his album’s musicianship is far above his age in quality. A must see prodigy live if there ever was one. Buy Spencer’s new disc Cold November and support Canadian artists.


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Steven Wilson Puts On A Clinic.

It is true …

Many people don’t know who Steven Wilson is. Generally and within musical ‘popularity’, Wilson lives in an obscure place. For the punters of the world a very bad thing. For Wilson – a very good thing.

The creator of the band Porcupine Tree and his band-mates set up shop at Place des Arts in Montreal on Friday night. Combining Porcupine Tree material and material from Wilson’s various solo and band projects – the tunes were for the faint of soul …

Wilson is an innovator. He is also a man filled with musical conviction both from a songwriting perspective and a technical point of view. His attention to detail and exploration within all musical forms is an attribute to his Father’s teachings. Wilson is also no fool when combining the arts. The marriage of visual and audio conceptions are ‘making love on their honeymoon’ during a Wilson show. Perhaps the only time when unannounced voyeurism should not be condemned.

Think of Wilson as a leader of a cult. From the beginning of the night through to the end – his ‘followers’ are pumped and poised to drink his poison. The pent up energy within the anticipation ready to explode as a premature ejaculation. Only the commanders of their very own pirate ships possess this type of passion for perfection and rebelliousness. Only perfection parlays unique language to the passionate through words and music.

Thinking and retroactive responses fill the spaces left by the pauses in musical creativity. The roller coasters, the emotions of life envelop the band and the crowd. The synergy, allowing connections to arrive at mutual understandings. Bonds -unmistakable gluing of concrete agreements.

Progressive Rock (with hints of early day Genesis and King Crimson) pokes it’s head in between Heavy Metal and Pop / Rock. Ghostly appearances from Gabriel to McCartney float nearby without interrupting the moment of now. The polite ‘intrusions’ – mere knocks on the door of Wilson’s songwriting bedroom.

To sum up a show of Wilson’s (and the bands) genius – a crime against humanity. A war crime to make Cheney and Bush appear angelic.

Years and years of recording. Years and years of ‘schooling’. An insatiable thirst for creativity and a natural habit for mining the salt of the earth allow Steven Wilson a hiding place.

For the sake of humanity and musicianship – the flashlights should remain in their respective drawers.

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Concerts To See in October and Some of the Best CDs …

Montreal’s music festi – ganza has come to an end. Summer and all it’s rhythmic get togethers have ended quicker than a Bill Cosby guilty verdict.

Fall has arrived and with it – an ‘orange is the new black’ list of musical events. Montreal is filled with live music right up to Hallowe’en.

A music lover is no short of CDs to buy either. Something which is important to keep the future of music alive and well. Streaming does not pay the rent.

If you are a Blues lover, The Roxboro Sessions by Riot and The Blues Devils along with Colin James’ Miles to Go are great choices.

The Devils will jump start your heart with powerful vocals and piercing guitar solos a la Southern tinged Blues. James, au contraire – returns to his roots and pays homage to the forefathers of not only Blues yet modern day music as we know it. Colin also tosses two of his new originals to keep you thirsty for more. At 53- James ain’t quite dead yet.

If old school Rockabilly and Rock n Roll is your thing, the latest offering by Lindsay Beaver is a must. The Canadian / Jazz student / Blues student / vocalist / drummer from Nova Scotia is a once-in-a-lifetime phenom. Her album ‘ Tough As Love’ combines Rock and R&B with Jazz sensibilities that would make Amy Winehouse proud.

Beaver; Poised for Stardom


Beginning in October, here are just a few choices to make the now chilly nights easier to take …

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October 4th – Elton John. Bell Center

Elton John is saying farewell. Is this for real or will he become the solo version of The Who and entertain the masses with one farewell tour after another? Time will tell but in the meantime, it is one final (?) chance to see if Sir Elton has a hissy fit in between the songbook of the seventies

October 9th – Liz Phair. Corona

Liz always always always puts on a ‘ wear it on your sleeve’ performance. There is no doubt her ‘ Amps on the Lawn’ Tour will be different. A night to forget what is ‘bad’ about music and soak in the realness of it all.

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October 10th – Mike Love. Le Belmont.

One of the hardest working musicians on the planet ( his shoes were worn out at the Jazz Festival ) returns with his brand of Hawaiian Reggae. A multi – instrumentalist aka one man band oozes spirituality through voice, beats and song. A must see.

October 16th – Phil Collins. Bell Center

No one knows what to expect from the former front-man of Genesis and the man who sold his musical soul for fame and fortune in the 80s. Retired due to back issues for a long stretch, Collins is worth the trip to the ‘house that Corey destroyed’ if only to sing along to the songbook of the eighties ‘one last time.’

October 21st. Andrea Bocelli. Bell Center.

It’s Andrea Bocelli. Need I say more?

October 29th – Dean Brody. Imperial.

If Country acoustic is your ‘thang’ – then Brody will get your house, car and truck back. In a Country music field filled with penthouse dwelling ‘ never drove a truck’ pretenders, Brody is as close to a Haggard shot as they come.

October 31st– Violent Femmes. MTelus.

What is a better way to spend Hallowe’en than singing ‘ Blister on the Sun’ as loud as you can? A very underrated band in the scheme of things with great harmony and even greater guitar playing. The ultimate sing-a-long band.

Visit Evenko for Tickets

Visit Smoke Meat Pete for Live Blues

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Myles Goodwyn Has The Blues and That’s a Good Thing! Part One and Two

 April Wine are forever etched in the consciences of Canadian music fans.

When original bassist Jim Henman asked  his former band-mate from Woody’s Termites to join April Wine; everything changed. For the better.

What followed was one of the great success stories for a Canadian band. Hit after hit turned into one of the best live shows this Country has seen.

Principal singer, songwriter and leader Myles Goodwyn set the bar high for all Canadian songwriters in Rock n Roll. Goodwyn, also set the bar high for Rock ballads as well.

Fittingly, his autobiography is titled  “Just Between You and Me’,  a mirror  name for the video and song which superimposed April Wine onto stages South of the Border and worldwide. The song which made April Wine a household name in North America.

Myles traveled backwards to tell the tale of his years inside and outside of April Wine. Now he is travelling backwards once again.

The Blues were an essential part of Goodwyn’s musical fabric and the sixty-nine year old musician is paying homage to the genre which helped ‘sculpt’ him as a young man growing up in New Brunswick.

Please listen below to my chat with Myles as we touch on the early days of April Wine and Myles’ new disc;

Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues.

The album is out March 2nd 




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Montreal En Lumiere




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Rick Keene Music Scene – Myles Goodwyn Has The Blues and That’s a Good Thing! Part One.


April Wine are forever etched in the consciences of Canadian music fans.

When original bassist Jim Henman asked  his former band-mate from Woody’s Termites to join April Wine; everything changed. For the better.

What followed was one of the great success stories for a Canadian band. Hit after hit turned into one of the best live shows this Country has seen.

Principal singer, songwriter and leader Myles Goodwyn set the bar high for all Canadian songwriters in Rock n Roll. Goodwyn, also set the bar high for Rock ballads as well.

Fittingly, his autobiography is titled  “Just Between You and Me’,  a mirror  name for the video and song which superimposed April Wine onto stages South of the Border and worldwide. The song which made April Wine a household name in North America.

Myles traveled backwards to tell the tale of his years inside and outside of April Wine. Now he is travelling backwards once again.

The Blues were an essential part of Goodwyn’s musical fabric and the sixty-nine year old musician is paying homage to the genre which helped ‘sculpt’ him as a young man growing up in New Brunswick.

Please listen below to Part One of my chat with Myles as we touch on the early days of April Wine and Myles’ new disc;

Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues.

The album is out March 2nd 



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Emma Frank Recruits Top Musicians for Her New Disc; Ocean Av.

Emma Frank came and went …

The Bostonian -turned-Montrealer-turned New Yorker was a rose in Montreal’s flower garden the brief time she lived here. One of those voices that could place an infant to sleep or raise the hairs on the back of Nina Simone’s neck.

Emma has turned her career towards the Big Apple with a new life, new / old friends and a new relationship. Did I mention the new record? Ocean Av?

Please listen below to a few tunes from the new album and words from Emma on the recording    ( life? ) process.

Emma? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Kim Churchill; Sometimes Change Requires Change

Australian Kim Churchill tossed his sophomore album into the trash. One man’s treasure is – another man’s junk.

Pressure sometimes causes panic and that is not a great thing when it comes to art. Thinking is not great for the soul.

Singer,  songwriter and surfer  Kim Churchill is coming to Montreal on the heels of his latest album. Weight Falls is garnished with musical toppings on a rich musical cake. Combining excellent rhythms with profound harmonies and poignant lyrics – the album will not be tossed away anytime soon. By anyone. Especially not  Kim.


Have a listen below to my chat with Kim and hear some great tunes from the new disc.

Kim? What’s UP?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – The Lyric Theatre Singers; Lighting Up Christmas with Class

The world is a mess.

With everything that is happening around the world these days, The Lyric Theatre Singers are literally – to the rescue.

Their Christmas themed show; Candlelight Christmas, a welcome relief from the noise all around us. Silence among thieves. Calm in a global storm.


Please listen below to my chat with the musical director of The Lyric Theatre Singers; Bob Bachelor. He explains everything and – a little bit more.

Bob? What’s up?



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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Bands for Baskets 2017



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Diana Krall Reminds Montreal of All That is Good

A good concert is an occasion to make new friends. You leave the venue satisfied. The soul filled with goodness.

Diana Krall and her four piece ensemble did just that.


Exploring and paying homage to the likes of Cole Porter, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, Diana reminded everyone why music was created and how diverse the beauty may be.

Commencing with the tune Deed I Do, the punters quite aware the evening would be a treat. Rarely does such talent grace Place des Arts all at once. Rarely does such grace inhabit the talent all at once. Anthony Wilson (guitar), Robert Hurst ( Bass), Karriem Riggins (drums) and Stuart Duncan (violin) displayed such touch on their respective instruments. Such finesse. Such magnificence. They were so good, at times, Krall could be seen watching and listening in awe. When ‘ the boss’ is happy the product must be good.

The Turn up the Quiet Tour is named after Diana’s new album. Following a long excursion overseas, Krall is back on home turf and Montreal – according to Krall, ‘feels like home’. 

The Montreal International Jazz Festival was one of the most important building blocks in Krall’s steps to Juno and Grammy Awards. Last night, the love affair was evident with a few people yelling out ‘ we love you Diana’. Krall shouting back ‘ I love you too’. One fan even managed to alter the encore. ‘S’Wonderful – the brilliant Ira and George Gershwin ballad replacing the scheduled song as an audience request.


Turn Up the Quiet , the album, is a return to The Great American Songbook for Krall. A place where she discovered her talents and passion. Isn’t it Romantic, Blue Skies and Sunny Side of the Street were delightfully displayed live and the band took turns implementing their skills within each. Waits’ Temptation, as close to a Rock song as you’ll get in a Krall concert. A tad demonic with the stage lit up in Satan’s color. A rendition perfect to break the theme of the show yet keeping it within the boundaries of jazz. Within the boundaries of Waits.


All these years later, Canada’s favorite musical daughter is all grown up. Now a wife and Mother. Those life changing facts are essential to understanding a Krall concert. Mellow, relaxed and with that old Diana sneaking around just under the stage. Popping up every now and again. Playful with an attitude.


Wonder if the old Diana and the new one are friends? Judging by the return to Jazz standards they are.


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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Bands for Baskets 2017



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Emilie Claire Barlow; Basking in Quebec’s Winter

 Not everyone embraces Quebec winters. In fact , most don’t.

Emilie Claire Barlow is one person who loves Quebec winters. So much so, the Toronto native and Juno Award winner took up residence in Quebec. Not only that – she sings about it on her new disc.

A combination of English and French, the tracks are sure to give you frostbite ( in a good way).

Please listen below to my chat with Emilie and hear some tracks from the new album.

Talk soon.



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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Bands for Baskets 2017



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Rolling Stones Tracks?


Keef and Grandson On Tour 2017


Here at Rick Keene Music Scene – rarely do my personal tastes mix with business.

Once in a while , the Stones are featured but most of the time , this forum is to promote new music through interviews and let you know what’s happening or what shows just happened.

To narrow down ten songs from a catalog over four hundred deep is impossible. Or – is it ?


Here now are my choices ( no particular  order) for the Top Ten Tracks by The Rolling Stones. Agree or disagree ? 


10. Fingerprint File

This track off the 1974  album It’s Only Rock n Roll sums up everything about the decadent 70s and mixes many styles into one. Funk and Rock through a great guitar solo by Mick Taylor and Jagger’s mystique / sex appeal humming along to Wyman’s too cool bass line. Just listening you can almost see the sequined jump suit on Jagger’s back with Billy Preston dancing beside him. A track that could just as well be named ‘1975’. Rumor has it that it is cocaine going up Mick’s nose near the end as the tune sniffs to a close.

9. Respectable

The Sex Pistols called the Stones dinosaurs in 1977. The Bad Boys of Rock responded with one of their best albums. 1978’s Some Girls kicked the Pistols and the entire Punk movement in the teeth. Respectable takes the term Garage Band to other worlds. As raw as meat at a butcher shop, the song is angry. The energy in all instruments pouring out the amps as Mick scares you into believing everything he sings.  No tricks, no shadows. Punk Rock on display by the original punks. Whatever happened to those Sex Pistols ? 

8. Sweet Virginia 

Atop many critic’s list of the best double albums of all time , 1972’s Exile on Main Street is filled with the Blues and Country music. Gram Parsons influence side by side with Willie Dixon. Sweet Virginia sounds as if the boys were on the porch and started playing for the joy of it. Mick’s pure personality shines on harp while Keith is just a Country boy at his  side. As with a few Stones’ tracks , the entire sound is energy held back within a groove. One of few bands that can harness and release magic at the same time. Welcome to Chemistry 101.

7. Street Fighting Man

In 1968 – the Stones released one of their masterpieces. Beggars Banquet was served to the masses and it contained the roots of music. It also teased with what the Stones were to become. The song Street Fighting Man ( along with Sympathy for The Devil) showcased the manic drive which would become a staple for the ‘rocky’ Stones. The building of foreplay before the orgasm and continuing while the cigarette was still burning. Combining feedback through a cassette player and amplified to it’s fullest – to this day, in concert, it’s the tune that gets the heart pumping and the sweat poured into the drinks.

6. Love is Strong

In 1994, following a reunion of sorts – the Stones entered the studio minus their original bassist Bill Wyman. With Miles Davis alumni Darryl Jones  in tow, the overproduced sound of 1989’s Steel Wheels was gone. For the first time in over a decade, the album sounded like Mick and Keith locked in a room. The song Love is Strong contains a maturity not heard from before. It’s as if thirty years of bouncing about landed on their feet. A Blues tune yet it was a Stones Blues tune. No mimicking, no flattery by example – the tune was the first original Stones’ Blues song. Forceful guitars and forceful harmonica combined with Watts’ ( as usual ) crisp snare. The Stones became a ‘confident’ band once again within Love is Strong.

5. Too Tough

Say what? There are far greater Stones’ songs than this gem off 1983’s Undercover album you say? Listen again – wont ya? Raw riffs and the Stones signature sloppiness rarely caught in studio. Add a transition from bridge to chorus that is two songs in one along with a youthful Jagger surrendering to a woman? As I said – listen again won’t ya?

4. Tumbling Dice

Exile on main Street is unique in the fact there were no real ‘hits’ on the album. Therein lies the beauty of the disc as it was made for making music. The tune Tumbling Dice with it’s stinging, creeping changes and harnessed energy released in a rhythm so solid- could very well be on of the greatest songs ever written by anyone. You gotta roll me ..

3.  Memory Motel

In 1976 the Stones kinda shocked everyone by sipping into the Reggae / Dance genre. For the fans of the band it was no surprise because Keith had taken up residence in Jamaica and was hanging with the likes of Peter Tosh. The album Black and Blue ( the first with Ron Wood) also contained one of Jagger/ Richards purest ballads. Piano-led ( Keith writes a lot on piano), the song is framed devilishly by Keef’s raunchy (slightly out of tune harmonies). A studio version (vocally) of The Glimmer Twins live. Once again – two tunes in one as the chorus sings the lyrics to sleep.

2. Midnight Rambler

In the words of Keith Richards, if there was one song that could be considered the best example of his and Mick’s taste in music and songwriting skills – Midnight Rambler gets the call. The tune mirrors the transformation in real life of the stones evolving from a blues band into a Rock n Roll outfit. It also displays the transformation of the band as young punks to grown up creatures of the night. Of Richards from rebellious teen to drug addict. Of Jagger from sexual deviant to dangerous. No matter the year, once the Stones play Midnight Rambler live – you know they are starting to get serious.

1. Paint it Black

In 1966 while The Beatles were sending lollipops in the air, the Stones were focusing on reality.

In a false world for the weak, only hand holding went on in Strawberry Fields. In the real world, there was someone with a match waiting in the burnt out building next door. Mental illness, anguish, despair and depression are as much part of reality as lovemaking in the golden wheat. Not only did the Stones identify with the real people lyrically, they solidified themselves as precursors to bands like Black Sabbath and the evil mentality of Heavy Metal. Charlie arrives within the tune just as Keith enters Hell. Mick’s drawl – his initial exorcism.  The Stones may have made a deal at the Crossroads and painted them black. The Devil’s gift? No colors anymore for anyone.

*Honorable mentions

Gimme Shelter, Satisfaction, Jumpin Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Woman and three hundred others.









Rick Keene Music Scene – David Myles; Real Love

Pop music ain’t what it used to be …



David Myles is doing something about it. Combining old school thoughts with new school riffs without duplicating anything. Easy right? Make people dance right?



Please listen below as David talks about the new album and how he came up with the idea to go backwards – musically. 



David? What’s up?



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Rick Keene Music Scene – Sheldon Kagan; A Success Story. Part Four

Imagine telling your Mom; ‘I’m moving out!’ (when you are fifteen years of age?)


Imagine the reaction of your parents even if you have a full time job? Imagine the reaction if you only have a couple of events planned at $25.00 each?

Welcome to the start of Sheldon Kagan’s career as a mobile disc jockey. A career that has spanned over fifty years and made Sheldon one of Montreal’s most successful promoters. One of Montreal’s greatest entertainers.



Please listen below to part four of Sheldon’s story. A great foray into the life of a fascinating man.

Sheldon? What’s up?





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Rick Keene Music Scene – A Song for Markov, The ‘Mooch’ and Jack Black Recites Carl Sandburg

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Noise pollution is not good for the musical soul.  



Please enjoy some real tunes in the meantime. Rick Keene Music Scene will be back before you can say Andrei Markov !




Listen to my interview with Lawrence Gowan of Styx below !




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