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Rick Keene Music Scene – Ask Dave the Bartender. Part Two.

Bartenders are a breed apart. That’s why they are kept behind wooden fences …

In Hog town, in Toronto – there is such a fellow. Banned from Montreal, tossed from his family – Dave the Bartender stands alone.

Secure in his thoughts and confident in his musical knowledge. Join me as I travel to Toronto and ask Dave the Bartender musical questions sent in by listeners of

Rick Keene Music Scene. 

Happy Birthday Dave the Bartender !

*Beautiful Goodbye by Anthony Gomes


Rick Keene Music Scene – Ask Dave the Bartender. Part One

Bartenders are a breed apart. That’s why they are kept behind wooden fences …

In Hog town, in Toronto – there is such a fellow. Banned from Montreal, tossed from his family – Dave the Bartender stands alone.

Secure in his thoughts and confident in his musical knowledge. Join me as I travel to Toronto and ask Dave the Bartender musical questions sent in by listeners of

Rick Keene Music Scene. 

Happy Birthday Dave the Bartender !

*Beautiful Goodbye by Anthony Gomes

Former Montreal Expos and Drummer Warren Cromartie Talks Baseball, Raines and RUSH ! Part One.

Warren Cromartie is a hero in Montreal for a couple of reasons …



Not only did the Florida native help the Montreal Expos win their first birth to the post season, he single-handily, in one sweeping motion, unified baseball with Canada.

Everyone who followed baseball in 1981 remembers when ‘Cro’ grabbed the Canadian flag in Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium and waved it for millions to understand that CANADA won a major league title. 

Before The Blue Jays and Joe Carter’s blast, there was Warren Cromartie, Gary Carter, Tim Raines and ‘The Hawk’. Not to mention a bevvy of players who endeared themselves to an entire generation of baseball fans in Montreal.


Warren Cromartie has since become a hero yet again as he heads up The Montreal Baseball Project. An organization intent on bringing professional baseball back to Montreal.

Cromartie’s second love is music. 

An accomplished drummer, ‘Cro’ has played with some pretty impressive musicians over the years and released an album in Japan. His ‘home away from home’ in Baseball and in music.

Please listen below to a great chat about Baseball, The Expos, Tim Raines and Rush.

Click on the link below to find out how you can help bring baseball back to Montreal !

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In the Words of a Jealous Spouse; ‘ What’s Going On ‘ ?

A lot happened in music the past few days and a lot more will be happening!

The ‘Hip’ and Gord Downie put on a show for the ages on Saturday evening before 11.7 million Canadians. To put that into perspective, that’s approximately 11.7 million more than Justin Bieber has of stable relationships.

At least – some Canadians act Canadian !



What’s going on in and around Montreal music-wise in the next couple of weeks ?

Please listen below to find out who is playing and where. You can also hear some great tunes !

Thanks for listening !

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Michel Pagliaro is Back! Sorta …


 Michel Pagliaro is a legend in Quebec …



Anglophone artists, Francophone artists – any type of gender from a particular era in Montreal, unconsciously or consciously affected  by ‘Pag’.

Rarely do artists create such a vast songbook in a short period of time. Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis and Pag.



For this reason, it is only fitting, after all these years for a tribute album to be released. Eleven of Pagliaro’s songs performed by twelve artists. A brilliant CD package for immense listening pleasure.


Carl Bastien supervises  a disc long overdue. A void within the borders is now filled. Pag and Gerry Boulet can now walk hand in hand across the Plains of Abraham.

Please listen below to some tunes from Pag Revisited.


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Hallowe’en Happenings in Montreal and Other Events That Go Bump in the Night


images (7)


Lots of scary stuff happening in and around Montreal this spooky weekend.

Please listen below to some of these events as well as directions to a complete Hallowe’en rundown.

Also listen to what else is happening in and around Montreal.

Talk soon.




Welcome to Montreal Emilie – Claire Barlow! It’s a ‘Clear Day’ …

Emilie – Claire Barlow loves Montreal.

So much so, she made a life altering decision and moved to the city to pursue her Juno Award winning musical career.


A life changing trip on board a Coast Guard ship in the Arctic also played into Emilie’s decision to change her life completely.

To enter her new life with a ‘clear day’ in mind …

Please listen below to my chat with Emilie about her new album and her new life in Montreal.



Part Two

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What’s Happening in Montreal and on Rick Keene Music Scene

New York, New Jersey, New Guinea …

new tunes!

Plus – lots of upcoming shows in and around Montreal!


images (8) copy


Stop by every Sunday for a schedule of weekly and monthly shows and by clicking on the Evenko and Jazz Festival logos – a one stop shopping adventure to buy tickets too!

Only on Rick Keene Music Scene!

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Montreal’s Jazz Sweetheart Susie Arioli – ‘Spring’ Is in the Air. Part Two


If there are not any subliminal messages within the title of Susie Arioli’s new album, there should be …

download (5)

Susie has recorded an album without Jordan Officer on guitar. A new beginning for Susie and the album title mirrors that rebirth.

In perfect Arioli fashion – the title track ‘stings’ with irony. Both sides of the human psyche duel for first class seats. A fitting sentiment for this three time Juno nominated singer who is stepping into the spotlight once more. This time – the lighting is delightfully different.

Please enjoy part two of my chat with Susie and hear some great tunes from her new album, including a great Bo Diddley song.

Say what?










images (1) copy





Montreal’s Jazz Sweetheart Susie Arioli – ‘Spring’ Is in the Air. Part One


If there are not any subliminal messages within the title of Susie Arioli’s new album, there should be …

download (5)

Susie has recorded an album without Jordan Officer on guitar. A new beginning for Susie and the album title mirrors that rebirth.

In perfect Arioli fashion – the title track ‘stings’ with irony. Both sides of the human psyche duel for first class seats. A fitting sentiment for this three time Juno nominated singer who is stepping into the spotlight once more. This time – the lighting is delightfully different.

Please enjoy part one of my chat with Susie and hear some great tunes from her new album.








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Are You Ready to Go to a Gogo ? David Gogo is Ready for You …!

Guitar player extraordinaire, songwriter extraordinaire, performer extraordinaire David Gogo is heading Montreal’s way …

Vicksburgh Call, David’s fourteenth studio album, is his calling card as this Vancouver Island native returns to the city where his hockey heart lies.


David is a huge Montreal Canadiens’ fan and even has a sticker of the legendary squad’s logo on his guitar. A clever ploy to win new fans when he comes to L’Astral on Oct . 22nd? 

Listen below to find out …


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What’s Coming and New Songs on Rick Keene Music Scene


As Fall enters Winter.

As cold winds blow Winter into Spring and Summer once more, collapses to Fall …

There is a lot coming.

download (1)

Please listen below to some new tunes, some upcoming shows and some words from a local musician talking about his new single making it’s debut on

Rick Keene Music Scene.






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Ask Dave the Bartender

Dave the Bartender is not always standing at his bar. Sometimes – he is on the floor sleeping.


That does not stop him from dreaming of musical answers to musical questions. Queries sent in by listeners of

Rick Keene Music Scene.

images (9)

Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers questions about music.

Or – does he?

Dave? The Bartender?


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What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene …

Next week ….

Grab the kids, wake the neighbors and get the phone ready!

Lots of concerts coming, lots of musicians to speak to and – lots of great tunes!

Be here or be squ …hey that don’t rhyme!

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Warren Cromartie – The Universal Dream

Former Montreal Expos player Warren ‘Cro’ Cromartie – not unlike Martin Luther King Jr; has a dream …

1982-topps-695-warren-cromartie copy


To bring baseball back to the city that gave him an opportunity to earn a living playing the game he loves.

Music is his second passion.


Visit The Montreal Baseball Project Here!

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Top Ten Rock n Roll Bands of All Time

It’ s a hard call …

Amassing arsenals of music executed to the utmost of rock band’s abilities and narrowing them down to ten. Daunting yes – impossible?  Not really …

Beauty is in the ‘ear ‘ of the beholder, a full agreement can never be reached with lists like these. The only certainty is the top two on the list must be forever linked as 1-2 or 2-1 for obvious reasons.

10. Rush

This iconic Canadian band is responsible for more popular air guitar and drum solos than anyone aside from Led Zeppelin. The softness of ‘The Trees’ to the hard rockin ‘Tom Sawyer’ all the way back to Lakeside Park and a return to 2112. This Canadian trio surpassed the Guess Who many moons ago as Canada’s number one band of all time. Unlike the Guess Who – Peart, Lee and Lifeson have talent beyond three chords. Three nerds – four decades … do the math!


9. The Velvet Underground

Has there been a band which leaned toward decadence and the rock n roll lifestyle more than the Rolling Stones? Yes … The Velvet Underground combined r and b, pop, blues and lovely romantic poetry with a lust for the drug culture at a time when the world was learning to ‘achieve satisfaction’. Lou Reed and John Cale observed the New York seedy elements from the inside looking inside. Nico joined the mix and Warhol kicked their habits onto a unsuspecting mass of bohemian tramps searching for a home.


8. Black Sabbath

The pre- cursor and major influence for every Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper wannabe. Satanicly – induced and proud of it, the lads dipped deep into the Hades and came up with decades of bat – eating, cloak – wearing gothic- inspired followers. Paranoid? Of course … Fairies wear boots and such strides may induce fear and indulge parents to lock the doors on their non -bible stompin’ offspring!


7. U2

The only post- 1980 group to claim global domination and retain the crown. Sometimes over- indulgent via Bono’s over the top preaching and waning messages, the group from Ireland remain intact. ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’, ‘ I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For’ and even the more recent ‘Vertigo’ – will outlast and remain ‘poignant’ for years to come. Something few bands can claim on such a scale.


6. Genesis

No band is responsible for progressive rock more than Genesis. Starting with Peter Gabriel and the iconic ‘Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ and ‘Selling England by the Pound’ all the way to the eighties and pop – genius Phil Collins leading the way, Genesis was near the top of the heap for almost twenty straight years. Unheard of on most basement turntables.


5. The Who

Smashing guitars, thematic albums with entire storyboards, punk – rockish antics before punk rock and some of the greatest rock songs of all time. Add a show which delivered chaos weekly amid vocals bordering on operatic melodies – deaf dumb and blind kids knew they would die before they got old. Who are you indeed …!


4. Led Zeppelin

Considered the forefathers of heavy metal and the first to blend blues with hard – driving beats and tender ballads. Owning and operating a timeless vehicle by the name of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and driving it through paths partnered with Physical Graffiti, Zeppelin spawned three generations of air guitar and pretend drummers. Page – an innovator on guitar and Plant; a symbol of sexiness with a voice unmatched to this day. Some guy named John Bonham led and continues to lead the way as Zeppelin remain near the top of awe – inspiring conversation and sing – a-long choruses …


3. Pink Floyd

If someone was afraid to utilize their ‘doors of perception’ and indulge in L.S.D – Pink Floyd did it for them. Logically, musically, lyrically and properly. Starting with Sid Barrett and continuing into realms meant for candidates of induced mind control experimentation – the British group dated the extremes normally associated with insanity. The only band in history able to transcend worlds and shape imagery into a fascinating trip understood by few yet admired by many.


2. The Beatles

The band which started it all. The band which made every kid in the world believe that music, their very own music could be delivered to a mass audience. The most successful prolific songwriting duo in history unfortunately done in by the love of a woman. Live? An enigma as the amps and sound equipment not yet formed by the time of their demise. Number one on the list if longevity remained an acquaintance and not a foe. Number one on the list if a beginning period of fluffy love songs did not exist.


1. The Rolling Stones

No band put up with the ‘attacks’ of government while trying to start a career. Fighting drug busts, the popularity of the Beatles, the death of the founding member, the death and chaos of Altamont, the changes in music landscape, the ‘ death’ of guitar rock, the video age, punk rock, disco and age – the Stones continue to survive. The only group to be sucessful in every genre – a musical juggernaut blessed with an insatiable appetite for the blues. A common denominator which strays not from a catalogue of six hundred plus songs. Jagger – the poster boy for every lead singer and Richards – the poster boy for every guitarist and decadent human being living with a middle finger to rules and regulations. Critics of the latest song have said; “Its great except for Jagger’s voice …” In 1964, critics adorned the pages of music reviews with the same vowels and syllables. Composers of an album considered best of all time – Exile on Main Street, responsible for one of greatest live albums of all time – Get Yer Ya- Ya’s Out and owners of five of the biggest grossing tours of all time.

Time is on their side …


Transcend your Mind

“Innocence flowing through me as people pass me by. The world is at my fingertips, there’s promise in my eyes.”

With these words, the band Transcend welcomes you to their world. Their very young world …


This group of West Islanders are a combined age of seventy- two. That is the same age as Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. Four divided into that number equals Constantine Damoulianis on guitar and vocals, Alexi Lagogianis on keyboards, Devon Butters on bass and Jake Shamash on drums and percussion.

These four lads, and they really are lads – have created a theme. A concept album which – if released in 1970, would have propelled them to supetstardom. That is what happened to bands like Rush and Genesis. The forefathers of concept, progressive rock …

Listening to side one of Transcend’s first disc is an eye – opening experience. The first thing which slaps your senses is a thought. A basic idea that these guys are very talented musicians. The second slap is just how diverse the songs are …

They do not want to stop. Nor should they.

Up and down, tight to left, right to right and left to tight. Got it ? Uh huh ….


There is no point in naming song titles here. Side one is one continuous tune marked by subtitles. Cleverly disguised by names like Entity Divine and Reign Over Me. A blending of hard rock guitars, Neil Peart – wannabe drumming and soft ballads. Add Alexi’s sharp keyboards a la Styx – a fantastic listening experience is what spins on the cd player.

Constatine ( Costas ), wrote, produced and edited the album. It is his baby and he sings all the songs. According to the soon – to-be-nineteen year old, the album came about thanks to the movie; Waking Life. An animated trip through conscienceness. ‘Transcending’ dreams and the time of a complete alerted being.

Exactly …

It does not matter if a grasp of the concept is out of reach. Once the roof of ‘the mind’ is opened and the rain is allowed to enter – the vegetation of truth grows upward. It is that profound and that is only the first disc!

Disc two commences somewhere in Costas’ mind. A recess of improbable ideas combined with incredibly interwoven guitar and keyboard. An introduction to the song ‘ the mind’. An intro to the mind.

Alexi and Damoulianos duel to the death. A battle where the listener is the victor as a story of the different steps a mind takes as it develops maturity. ‘The Mind Awaits’ and walks away into ‘new horizons’.

Spend hours making love, exploding the passions of what it takes to develop a special bond. A unison of trust, lust and sexuality. Upon doing so – a better understanding of side two is in grasp yet not quite. Through heart – pounding ruthless rhythms to melodic sweetness portrayed as an actress of serenity, disc two is a love affair.

As most amorous engagements, it takes time and effort to instill a comfortable belonging. Following two sessions of listening foreplay – an understanding is reached with the band …

A connection of two minds …


Please contact me for information on how to purchase this

Rush – Beyond the Lighted Stage; A Review

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart play themselves; according to the credits of this documentary. That’s a good start for Rush enthusiasts …

The film opens with Neil Peart playing a small drum kit backstage. It is hard to imagine Peart playing a small drum kit anywhere. Known more for his mutlti – piece kit. Yet Rush started somewhere and as the three members of the band merge from their modern day selves to a flashback of their former selves – this is where the film begins.

In the past.

Lee and Lifeson, it turns out, were nerdy schoolmates. Geeky guys who loved music and thrust their part – time music at unsuspecting teenagers at school dances. Teens that expected to dance. Teens who were too afraid to approach the stage and the long haired freaks.

As the early band footage rolls on, one thing stands out. The singular reason why some people are put off of Rush. Geddy Lee’s voice…

The same voice that repels small animals to this day.

The film brings people back in time to a simpler era. If a forty – something music fan watches the documentary; just like that they are transported to high school. A place where divisions ruled. ‘Subdivisions’…

Every teenager from every generation witnessed the same thing. There were the jocks, the nerds, the cool people and the ‘weirdos’. Somewhere in that mix? Rush fans. People that were a mixture of what society had to offer. Testosterone – challenged, hormone – changing adolescents trying to find their ‘lockers’ in the hallways of the world.

Lee and Lifeson were those guys. Drummer Peart analyzed it all and the trio went about their ways doing things their way. This is the singular important message that shines through in the film.

Smaller crowds and pressure from record executives tried to alter their music in the seventies. Under contract for one more album; the Canadian trio decided to record it status quo – in other words, like the last album; Caress of Steel.

2112 shot the band on the road to superstardom and the band and documentary never looked back.

Unknown Commodoties

The movie struts along like a music fan through a long corridor. Each Rush album hung on the wall Is observed, commented on and passed by. A soundtrack of the songs playing in the background – some live, some studio. All reminders of just how good the band was and continues to be.

One by one – songs like ‘Fly by Night’, ‘The Trees’, ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Subdivisions’ smack the observer with memories. Unlike the albums themselves, discs such as ‘Hemispheres’, ‘ Moving Pictures’ and ‘Vapor Trails’ are accompanied by tales from the creators of the songs themselves. Stories which place the band and it’s members ‘closer to your heart’.

The average person unaware of how Mr. Lee and Mr. Lifeson thought Peart was weird when he auditioned for the band. The average ‘Hey Joe’ rock fan oblivious to the fact Rush was the opening act for a group named Kiss. Gene Simmons et al living the sex, drugs and rock roll lifestyle while Lee and his mates remained watching t.v in their rooms.

Rush is behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones with the number of gold and platinum albums. This places them ahead of everyone else. Therein lies the mystery of Rush. Nobody knows who they are or what they are about. This documentary attempts to divulge that information. This film does not.

Lee, Lifeson and Peart come across as three Canadian guys with Canadian humbleness and Canadian humor. The film dishes no dirt, no scandals and no sordid tales. They are three guys who won the lottery and are comfortable around each other’s shoes.

Ironically, it’s the death of Peart’s daughter and wife that almost ended the band. It is what brought the members closer than ever and put them back on track. It is also the turning point for any fan watching the film.

If a music fan was on the fence, the direction which they landed when they fell is facing the fact Rush are one of the Greatest rock bands ever.

As themselves …

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