Michel Pagliaro is Back! Sorta …

   Michel Pagliaro is a legend in Quebec …   Anglophone artists, Francophone artists – any type of gender from a particular era in Montreal, unconsciously or consciously affected  by ‘Pag’. Rarely do artists create such a vast songbook in a short period of time. Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis and Pag.   For this reason, it is only fitting, after all these […]

Are You Ready to Go to a Gogo ? David Gogo is Ready for You …!

Guitar player extraordinaire, songwriter extraordinaire, performer extraordinaire David Gogo is heading Montreal’s way … Vicksburgh Call, David’s fourteenth studio album, is his calling card as this Vancouver Island native returns to the city where his hockey heart lies. David is a huge Montreal Canadiens’ fan and even has a sticker of the legendary squad’s logo […]

Ask Dave the Bartender

Dave the Bartender is not always standing at his bar. Sometimes – he is on the floor sleeping. That does not stop him from dreaming of musical answers to musical questions. Queries sent in by listeners of Rick Keene Music Scene. Please listen below as Dave the Bartender answers questions about music. Or – does […]

Warren Cromartie – The Universal Dream

Former Montreal Expos player Warren ‘Cro’ Cromartie – not unlike Martin Luther King Jr; has a dream …   To bring baseball back to the city that gave him an opportunity to earn a living playing the game he loves. Music is his second passion. Warren? Visit The Montreal Baseball Project Here! Buy Your Tickets […]

Top Ten Rock n Roll Bands of All Time

It’ s a hard call … Amassing arsenals of music executed to the utmost of rock band’s abilities and narrowing them down to ten. Daunting yes – impossible?  Not really … Beauty is in the ‘ear ‘ of the beholder, a full agreement can never be reached with lists like these. The only certainty is […]

Transcend your Mind

“Innocence flowing through me as people pass me by. The world is at my fingertips, there’s promise in my eyes.” With these words, the band Transcend welcomes you to their world. Their very young world … This group of West Islanders are a combined age of seventy- two. That is the same age as Charlie […]

Rush – Beyond the Lighted Stage; A Review

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart play themselves; according to the credits of this documentary. That’s a good start for Rush enthusiasts … The film opens with Neil Peart playing a small drum kit backstage. It is hard to imagine Peart playing a small drum kit anywhere. Known more for his mutlti – piece […]