Ladies and Gentlemen … The Best Guitar Player in Canada; Mr. Steve Hill

Fourteen years ago,  Steve Hill, originally of Trois Rivieres, Qc –  opened up for B.B King at Montreal’s Bell Center. 

For most, a feather in the proverbial Blues’ cap.


Realistically, such a feat requires constant work and it does not necessarily mean a swimming pool in Beverly Hills. Discover why Steve Hill decided to embark on a solo career and how, by chance – he is more popular now then any point in his career.



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Steve Hill’s Second Volume; Almost perfect …

Blues guitarist extraordinaire Steve Hill, finally finished his Solo Recordings Volume Two.

The disc took two years to make. It was worth the wait!

Please listen below as Steve talks about the new album, the old (er) album and the state of the Blues in Quebec. Steve is currently on tour with Matt Anderson and Kim Churchill. Check out Steve’s site for all the info.


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