Rick Keene Music Scene – Samantha Kives; Keeping K-Tel Records Alive !

Everyone from the sixties and seventies owned a K-Tel Record.

Philp Kives, the founder of K-Tel products and records was an innovator. One of those few people who come along every couple of decades.

K-Tel Records was the very first ‘streaming’ service. The original Spotify. Amassing hits and not-so-hits into collections on disc. If not for K-Tel Records and Mr. Kives; many artists or music lovers would not exist today.

Please listen below to my chat with Samantha Kives, the daughter of Philip and the current President of K-Tel Records.

Samantha? What’s up?

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The 80’s … WTF?

As we stride through the recesses of our music memory banks, it is relatively easy to place songs and artists into distinctive categories.

aThe 1950’s – a decade ushered in with Jazz, Big Bands and the birth of Rock n Roll. The 60’s? A spawning pool for the Brits to grab American Blues and introduce it back to the Americans. A movement which invented modern-day music as we know it. This decade was also rich in R and B and Motown.

The 1970’s saw the British Invasion reach it’s pinnacle and an anti – anti – establishment in the form of punk rock arrive with nothing but contempt for everyone including the punks themselves. It was also a decade which tossed outrageous clothes, Disco and Funk into the musical history book.

The decade of the 90’s returned popular music to guitar rock in the form of Grunge. A revival for rock n roll in its purest form. Towards the end, a return to R and B in the form of Rap and at the same time setting the table for the new millennium in the form of Hip Hop

aWhat’s that …? What about the 1980’s?

Feather your hair, place your pastel blue jacket on your open shirt complete with fake tan. Grab your synthesizer and unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the 1980’s …

Gary Numan – Cars 1979

Talk Talk – It’s My Life 1984

Duran Duran – Hungry Like a Wolf 1984

Culture Club – Do You Really Want Hurt Me 1982

Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now 1984

Billy Idol – Dancing with Myself 1982

Devo – Whip It 1980

Tears for Fears – Shout 1984

Soft Cell – Tainted Love 1981

The BugglesVideo Killed the Radio Star 1979 ( Included in the 1980’s because it was the first video to be played on MTV.  MTV, at that time – was what crack cocaine is to the youths of today back in the 1980’s. Back in the Twilight Zone.)

Stay tuned for Part Two …

Listen to Gary Numan’s take on nostalgia bands .