Susie Arioli Live and It’s Not Yet ‘Spring’ …

Rarely does a golden voice come along … Susie Arioli happens to possess one of these shimmery tools. Lucky for Montreal !   Please listen below to my chat with Susie on the eve of her performance at THEATRE OUTREMONT. The first appearance in Montreal promoting her new album ‘Spring’. The first on her new […]

Michel Pagliaro is Back! Sorta …

   Michel Pagliaro is a legend in Quebec …   Anglophone artists, Francophone artists – any type of gender from a particular era in Montreal, unconsciously or consciously affected  by ‘Pag’. Rarely do artists create such a vast songbook in a short period of time. Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis and Pag.   For this reason, it is only fitting, after all these […]

Top Ten Concerts of 2012

It is unfair to list top ten shows since every artist or artists give their all each time they play. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad on any given night. Here are the top ten shows which I enjoyed the most in 2012 … 10. Lee Mellor Lee’s show was high energy and […]

Top Ten Interviews of 2012

I am continuing the top ten interviews I conducted in 2012 … So far … 10. Lee Mellor 9.Jason Rockman 8. Susie Arioli 7. Cecile Doo Kingue 6. Roger Walls Roger Walls is a walking Jazz encyclopedia. Is it any wonder …? Walls has been around playing his horns for thirty plus years. If he […]

Top Ten Interviews of 2012

Starting yesterday – I began to count off my top ten interviews in the past year. I continue with the next two … So far … 10. Lee Mellor 9. Jason Rockman 8. Susie Arioli I spoke to Susie over the phone the night before her performance at Place des Arts. Having never spoken to […]

Susie Arioli; Concert Review

Sometimes, poems are written in the dark … Thoughts and feelings piercing the blackness like a knife profound with emotion. Last night at Place Des Arts – Susie Arioli and her excellent group of musicians delivered lines on a platter spun with golden oldies. The patrons or as the English say; the punters – recipients […]