Top Ten Reasons Why I – Lawrence Gowan, Joined Styx!

‘We’re gonna party like it’s 1999 …’

Prince may have been referring to a monumental decision on the part of two musical parties. Gowan and Styx. It was in that very same year – the two powerhouses combined to form a lethal unit. One of Canada’s most successful solo artists filling a void within a group who lost one of their members.

Dennis DeYoung out – Lawrence Gowan in …

A transition eased by  Lawrence’s DeYoung-like vocals and his talent as an entertainer. A true match made in heaven. A true pairing of musical talents.

Please listen as Lawrence initiates what will be a reoccurring Top Ten List feature while at the same time – explaining his Top Ten Reasons for Joining Styx! Lawrence also explains an upcoming tour this summer. A jaunt across America featuring two other legendary acts.

Lawrence …?

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A Conversation with Tom Gimbel of Foreigner

Tom Gimbel, the multi – instrumentalist for the band Foreigner – is no stranger to music.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Listen below as he speaks of his early influences, his love of playing the drums, rhythm guitar and saxophone. He also speaks of touring with Aerosmith, INXS and how he hooked up with the Mick Jones through a ‘personality’ test …?

Hope you enjoy. A great guy and a true music lover.






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