Rick Keene Music Scene – A Tribute to Ric Ocasek and The Cars

Some tunes bring back memories as crisp as a leaf in the Fall.

The Cars along with principle songwriter Ric Ocasek inspired every young person coming of age in the mid to late seventies. Doesn’t matter what genre a teen was into – The Cars grabbed everyone because their music contained something for everyone.

Please listen below to the legacy of Ric Ocasek and The Cars.

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Great Canadian Rock Show Part Three


Lennex, Santers, Mainline, Bravebelt, Klaatu …

Heard of these guys? Probably. You just do not know it.

Five Canadian bands who paved the way for guys like Bryan Adams and (sigh) Justin Bieber. Commercially – anyways. Bands who did not get their fair due airplay -wise and monetarily. Some did – most had a cup of coffee in the show but in those days, record companies led the corrupt way for most.

In part three, Ritchie Henman ( co-founder of April Wine), speaks about The Wackers from a front ( back?) seat view and Mitchell Field talks about Hellfield. A band who opened for The Cars at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Ready Ritchie? Mitchell? Alright fellas …let’s go ….!


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