The Record Breakers; The Kids are Allright !

Some may call them a novelty act. Others may dismiss these teenagers as ‘cute.’   If The Record Breakers’ first EP is any indication, the band will be around a long time~ Please listen below as Hayden, Bella, Devan and Julian talk about their album and look for their keyboard player Michael. Guys? What’s up? […]

A Spooky Chat with The Record Breakers!

Hallowe’en isn’t always scary. Well – ok, it is always scary but some things on that evening are also fun. On October 30th – join two bands for an evening of music and dance from two very different musical acts. A pair of entertainment entities very different in the phases of their careers. Please listen […]

Gary Moffet – Full Circle in His Musical Tastes …

Gary Moffet of April Wine fame did not ‘like to Rock’ as a teenager. Although the now sixty – six year old guitar player is better known as a Rock n Roll guitarist, his true passion shines through in his most recent endeavors. Moffet is a producer, arranger, composer and songwriter. A student of music […]

The ‘Two Yoots ‘ Ain’t Bad .​.​.​.

Sometimes – kids can lead by example. Such is the case with The Record Breakers. A bunch of teens with so much devotion to their craft, it makes adults appear lazy. This is probably one of the reasons The Record Breakers have played more gigs than most Montreal bands this past year. Please listen to […]